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Overrated America and the dominant parties affecting we the people

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posted on Sep, 30 2005 @ 01:26 AM
It appears the dominate political parties (forces) in this country are poking new holes and lighting news flames to the constitution to pervert it in order to stifile and diminish we the people's powers over the federal governments...

While pretending to be our buddies and schmoozing us, they are disrespecting us and waging a silent political war on we the people with all the bills they've passed in order to affect we the people on a personal level.

Like free speech zones, legislating free speech on the air (fcc wars), legislating freedom of choices pertaining to gun selection and drug consumption, even though alcohol is just as much of a drug then anything else, enforcing unconstitutional private property laws without just compensation for enforcing eminent domain (with a twist).
Privacy laws, and media bias/control/propaganda.

How the hell can this still be a country classified under the label of land of the free?

Is America over rated like skanky celebreties who put on thousand dollar dresses and claim to be an aristocratic role model for children to emulate meanwhile exhibiting behavior that is less then fresh?

And what about patriotism???

People in this country have american fever when it comes to the flag...
They don't have a problem waving it and chanting usa at rallies and sports events, but if we really think about it, the current state of america is nothing to be proud of...

waving the american flag signifies freedom no? is that what most people think about when they wave it? I know thats what i think.

I'm infatuated with american history and the seductive stories in it, when men were heroes, strong, brave, and willing to die for freedom.

But now? If I was a dude I would of lost my erection a while ago.

America is sweet with it's free market and ability to do whatever you want if you got the money, but when it comes to our political system, I have nothing to be proud of.

And doesn't politics shape history? what is the current day state going to look like in the future?

Because comparing present day politics doesn't even compare to before...

will it get better or worse? and can american's wave that flag in the future knowing if their state of politics measures up with the flags symbolism of freedom for we the people who are supposed to be more powerful then the federal government? Because politics can either make or break your freedoms.


posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 12:21 PM
I watched the third-party debates at Cornell on C-Span last year, and I liked what Badnarik had to say about free-speech zones: "Where you stand is a free speech zone!"

I say NO ONE vote for the Republicrat Party. EVERYONE vote third party. That would sure make things interesting, wouldn't it?

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