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Senate Democrats seek $4 bln to fight bird flu

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posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 05:43 PM
While im not a big fan of the democratic party i found this article rather interesting. this whole thing with the bird flu i dont think i have been taking very seriously. i guess since ihavent really heard that much about it. i watch the news ALL the time, but i never really hear all that much about it. and being a fulltime college student, i dont really hear any students or professors talking about it either. nevertheless, seeing this article made me realise that it is more of a risk for people here in the UNITED STATES than i thought. however i thought that it hadnt reached a level 5 status yet? so it seems like they think that it will become a big problem. i will post the article link here so everyone can read it and share comments on it if they like.

where do they think this bird flu originated from and how exactly do you get it? and why is the media not talking about this. seriously, i watch the news all the time, and read the newspapers and all i see, very rarely on this is something happening in another country. never anything to do with the US.

S ENATE SEEKS $4bln. to fight bird flu

Kind Regards,


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