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error importing data to MS outlook

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posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 08:38 AM
help !!!!!

i have imported all the data files from MS oulook 2000 to MS oulook 2003 by using the wizards and saving the files as .CSV files [ one for each - callender , contacts and email addys ]

now the callender data is 1 year " out of synch " , it is telling me that my sept 2004 appointments are this week and has " lost " the real appontments i should have this week

it wont let me delete the entries and rebuild my " current " diary from my PDA - if i try to synch them it wont and crashes

there are over 400 frome 2003 to 2004 so deleting each by hand will be a nighmare

i wanted the old entries for a legal case - but now realise that i can read the data using MS exel to open the file i used to back up my data

the easiest acceptable solution would be delete all calender entries and start again but it says the file is protected and cannot be deleted

so can anyone help ?

posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 02:18 PM
This is one of the worst things to try and do, I know, I've been suffering through the same frustrations for years through new computers and software revisions... There's only one easy, sure fire way that I have found. Get a PDA, synch with your old Outlook, then sync with your new (I will also say to use a Micro$oft CE PDA so there are no field mapping issues). This has been a burr in my fur for years... Best of luck.

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