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Female suicide bomber commits attack among Iraqis.

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posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 12:19 PM
li nk

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A woman strapped with explosives and disguised as a man blew herself up outside an Iraqi army recruiting center in a northern town Wednesday, killing at least six people and wounding 30 in the first known attack by a female suicide bomber in the country's bloody insurgency.

Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for the blast, saying in an Internet posting that it was carried out by "a blessed sister."

The attack in Tal Afar, where U.S. and Iraqi forces routed militants in a major offensive two weeks ago, demonstrated the difficulty of maintaining security in the towns in the large northwestern region stretching to the Syrian border, where insurgents are most active.

In Washington, President Bush predicted a surge in violence in Iraq before the Oct. 15 referendum on the new constitution, but said the militants would fail. "Our troops are ready for them," he said.

The woman was disguised as a man in a white dishdasha — a traditional male robe — and a kaffiyeh head scarf to blend in with the other applicants lined up to join the Iraqi army, which takes only men, said Maj. Jamil Mohammed Saleh in Tal Afar.

well it looks like they decided to use women in a desperate situation instead of using men for martyrdom. are they running out of men martyrs now? dont know wat she has to say wen explaining to Allah why she killed Iraqi Muslim men. maybe she did this cause shes a lesbian that wants 72 virgins.
dont know wat the Koran says about 72 virgin men.

posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Only thing Allah will do is send these terrorists to hell.
They are trying to fight their own way against oppression or just for revenge (how wrong that may be) and choose to pick Islam as their motivation.

posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 12:38 PM
I guess we have to rely on the press release to determine that it was a female homicide bomber. Six people killed, 30 wounded wouldn't leave much of a corpse to identify.


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