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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 10:00 PM

A Spring Drive

The air that crept through the slightly lowered windows of the black sedan was cool and crisp, a beautiful spring night. The skyline above the massive trees alongside the road was filled with scattered blue clouds, gleeming from the moonlight, bouncing off everything in an elegant display. Marcus stared through the rear view mirror at his small five year old son, playing with his stuffed bear, without a care in the world.
"How much farther to Brookhaven?"
Marcus' wife inquired, her beautiful green eyes staring over to him, lushious red lips glistening like the clouds in the sky.
"Just alittle longer, we're almost there."
He turned briefly to look deep into those emerald pools, smiling towards her, thoughts filled with desire. Brookhaven had been a special place for both of them, it was the town where they first met, where they shared theyre first kiss, ammong other things. Her eyeds drifted away from his briefly, velvet red lips turning to a distrested frown.
"Marcus look out!"
His head snapped forward, palms and digits wrapping themselves around the steering wheel firmly. In the middle of the road stood a figure of a woman, facing out towards the woods, unaware of the cars presence. Marcus quickly turned the wheel, flinging the car slightly off the road in the process. The back wheel of the car hit a deep ditch in the road, sending the car tumbling away from the straight roadway, and down the steep decline into the forest below. Both his wife and his son screamed in a paniced fear, though Marcus found himself breathless, trapped in time as his mind struggled to solve the question of what to do: it didn't find the answer.
The car tumbled around, breaking through branches of trees and scuffling around dirt as it continued to roll. He couldn't find himself, he was lost, distant from the experience, he felt himself paralyzed from adrenaline and fear. He could he the glass shattered and his child crying, and finally, everthing stopped. The car had finished its descent, and was stopped upright as it hit a tree head on, near the passenger side. A thick tree branch had pierce the windshield, and was driven into his wife's chest. His son cryed out in pain and fear in the backseat. He rushed to pick his son up, blood everywhere, he couldn't tell whom it was from. He stood outside the car, rushing up the hill, screaming out for help. As he reached towards the top, he only saw a brief glimpse of the woman standing up in the street, before she faded out and vanished before Marcus' eyes, as if she was never there at all. He looked down at the car below, then to his child, covered in blood and bleeding aswell. Marcus could only shout out for help and gripped his child tightly in his arms, he wouldn't loose all his family tonight, he wouldn't let his son die....

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