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Roberts Wins Committee Approval

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 03:06 PM
The Senate Judiciary Committee has comleted its reivew and submitted President Bush's nominee for SCOTUS Chief Justice, Judge Roberts, to the Senate floor for the confirmation process. The Senate vote should occur later next week.
Circuit Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., won approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee early Thursday afternoon to be Chief Justice, gaining the support of three Democrats and all Republicans on that Committee. The final vote, announced at 12:55 p.m., was 13-5.

That strongly suggested that Roberts will, as expected, win an overwhelming vote of approval by the full Senate when it votes late next week. It also indicated he may get a sizeable number of Democrats' votes in the full Senate.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I honestly have to say that the Democratic Party, supposedly fully commited to a woman's constitutional right to abortion, can't sensibly permit Robert's to become a Justice on the Supreme Court, let alone Cheif Justice. While Roberts is replacing a conservative, and a conservative cheif justice, it does mean that he will make choices on the cases to review, and even who to appoint to secret and special judicial boards. If the democrats claim to at all be opposed to anything that the president does (and this is practically their campaign slogan for the 2004 and probably the 2008 election), then they cannot logically support Roberts. IOW, if they cannot block Roberts, there is no sense in the Democratic Party continuing to exist, and Dean and others should simply dissovle the party and let the right leaners join the republican party as Left Republicans and the rest try to form an opposition party of a third party.
This will almost certainly be seen as the start of the erosion of a woman's right to abortion, tho I do want to make clear that Judge Roberts can't, for example, have Roe V Wade re-evaluated and expect the vote to end up any different, as of yet. The ideological makeup of the SCOTUS, so far, remains unchanged with a Robert's approval.

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