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Frozen Embryos Rescued from New Orleans

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 07:28 AM
If they had been left to die there would have been thousands of
additional deaths to add to the death toll. Thankfully they were
rescued. I hope proper records have been kept so that they
will be 'reunited' with their parents.

Excerpt from ABC News, Sept 22, 2005

Sept. 22, 2005 — One of the more dramatic rescue stories from Hurricane
Katrina comes from New Orleans East, where doctors and law
enforcement officials saved more than 1,000 frozen embryos from a
flooded and abandoned hospital.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina's landfall, doctors and staff from the Fertility
Institute moved embryos from their clinic to the third floor of nearby
Lakeland Hospital. The embryos were stored in four large metal canisters
weighing about 80 pounds each.

"Altogether there were about twelve hundred embryos, or about 300 in
each canister," said Roman Pyrzak, laboratory director of the Fertility
Institute. The fertilized eggs came from more than 200 patients

More on the rescue here -

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