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Stwar Wars 3: The Best 9/11 Truth Movement Moment

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 05:59 AM
The comparisons have been drawn since may, but with the film coming to dvd on november 1st, and haven seen it a few more times...I am just in awe of the parallels.

Lucas cited the Roman Empire in the wake of Caesar's death, France after the Revolution and Germany with the rise of Hitler as historical examples of countries giving themselves over to dictators. "They all seem to happen in the same way with the same issues: Threats from the outside; they need more control; and a democratic body not being able to function properly because everybody's squabbling."

A political leader belonging to a dark shadowy order, whom everyone thinks is good, helps to orchestrate terrorist attacks using someone he trained and blames it on rebels...he does this to assume complete control, take away rights, blame an outside force with total senate confusion, and get the people behind a phony war. to say Star Wars Episode 3 is a 9/11 turth film is an understatement. Subsitute Senator/Emperor Palpatine for Bush, substitue taking away rights and ushering in martial law for the Patriot Act, substitute Anakin Skylwaker for Osama, subsitute the attacks on Coruscant temples for WTC, subsitute the Sith for Skull And Bones/Illuminati, etc.

The attacks on Coruscant buildings, the billowy smoke and reaction was made obviously to reflect 9/11. Bush belongs to the order of Skull and Bones from his Yale days, a dark occultic branch of the Illuminati. He's talked about it on meet the press and in his biography. Osama was trained by the CIA to fight the Russians in the 1980's. The PAtriot Act and other bills and agendas are meant to strip away peoples rights. A lot of evidence shows that 9/11 was possibly an inside job or partially orchestrated from the hgihest levels of the US government in order to use as a pretext for war.

I laughed when Alex Jones before the movie came out used the paralel, now I find it very startling that Lucas thought this up and put it out there for all to see. I wonder how many people are truling seeing the paralels?

Here's more thoughts on it:

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