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Ottawa to boost immigration by 40%: report

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 01:18 AM
Canada's current immigration levels would rise 40 per cent within five years under a plan that will soon be presented to the federal cabinet, The Canadian Press has learned.

Prime Minister Paul Martin described immigration in a speech this week as key to Canada's economic success in an era defined by low birth rates, an aging population and an ever-deepening shortage of skilled workers. His immigration minister will address that challenge by announcing the target by Nov. 1 after consulting cabinet colleagues.

Begin Dulcimer Rage Here:

Economic growth is being hampered in places like Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray because they can't fill jobs fast enough, Volpe said.

Rural communities in Atlantic Canada are dying and existing public services such as schools and hospitals are emptying for lack of use.

About 6,000 long-haul trucks are sitting empty in New Brunswick because there aren't enough truckers to fill the available spots, he said.

Volpe said he also heard that 5,000 skilled jobs needed to be filled in Saskatoon. In Abbotsford, B.C., the need was for 1,000 computer engineers for graphic-and video-game design.

I really, really am at a loss for words at the shear amount of lies that have been spit here.

This one is just hilarious:

Volpe said he also heard that 5,000 skilled jobs needed to be filled in Saskatoon.

Does this person get their news from the royal canadian air farce? The population of Saskatoon is only above 200 thousand. 5000 jobs?

Seriously please tell me where the jobs are because I want to apply. I cant find a job here. I live 3 hours from Saskatoon. 5000 jobs? wow.

There is some truth here though, they cant fill the oil jobs fast enough (calgary etc). But those jobs suck away workers from near by saskatchewan. Maybe thats why 5000 jobs are needed? or not?

Key in point, I cant find a job. Im not alone here. We need imigrants to do them? Hello? Tell this to the atlantic canadians that are pure out of luck in the job market. Tell that to the dwindling prairies (where i am).

Of course he should know the stats.

From statistics canada Newfoundland and Labrador show a 16.2 increase increase in unemployment.

Saskatchewan shows an 11 percent increase in unemployment.

Of course Ontario is at a big fat ZERO increase Quebec is at a big ole 0.5 increase.
Go ahead, give the immigrants my job.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 01:31 AM
You can see how bad the job market is in newfoundland from the comfort of your own home, and it really is simple.


That lists every job at the site for newfoundland. the entire province.

You only get 534 results.

Saskatoon Jobs

You only get 565 results for jobs in Saskatoon. I thought it was 5000?

While there may be some truth to the above article, there are still many our there that are jobless. Bringing in these immigrants, unless they work in smaller centres, will only bring down the smaller populations and kill even more jobs.

For every job created in a big city, tons die in the outskirts. Sure there are jobs available in Saskatoon saskatchewan. When you only have a few large cities, the jobs are available there.

Do you think any immigrant is going to go settle down in small town saskatchewan? Our population of just around 1 million has not changed in 100 years.


Do we need more immigrants? Yes, sure it would help here.

Do they need more immigrants in Toronto? Vancouver? Calgary?


posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 01:48 AM
This sounds like a really bad idea.
Why would anyone want to increase immigration at a time when so many people are having trouble with influxes of immigrants overwhelming them?

I just looked at some of the statistics of immigration into Canada and it looks like the demographics of Canada are going to be changing with the recent immigrants.

Only about 22% of immigrants in 2004 came from the US and Europe.
The majority of immigration seems to be coming from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

I wonder if Canada will start having some of the problems with culture clashes that they are now having to deal with in some parts of Europe.

Canada - Permanent Residents by Gender and Source Area

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 02:03 AM
Im not sure exactlly where or what these immigrants will be doing but I can note something from experience.

I cannot think of a single doctor here that was actually a doctor from Canada. All of our doctors in this area have come from other countries. Africa mostly.

I think theres a law in quebec, I think it is, that new doctors have to practice OUTSIDE of quebec. Does that make sense?

So of course they end up going to the states and getting paid more to boot.

I wish the population around my province would increase as we could use it. But these immigrants, I can pretty much say without a doubt, will settle in the already large cities.

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 02:12 AM
I kinda wonder with a portion of Canada's skilled workers going to the states and various other places around the globe that usually pay more how are they going to entice these skilled immigrants to come to Canada. Also, is the government going to make sure that these immigrants are skilled before they allow them entry into the country? A benefit to this though, is Canada's baby boomer population is around 1/3 of the total population so I guess they are kind of trying to make sure that there will be an adequate supply of workers to fill the baby boomers positions

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 10:46 AM
AceOfBase as long as immigration existed there has been a clash of cultures. Protestants vs. Catholics. Whites vs. Blacks. Irish vs. Everybody(According to my Irish friends that is
) It's really no different from when my Grandparents first came to this country.

Right now we're having trouble with Tamil Tigers mostly(that's what I hear on the TV, the Street says differently the Triads and the Hells Angels still rule for now) and some Etheopian Gangs. Very difficult to deal with these people due to the conditions they are coming from but allot of the European Immigrants came from similiary conditions and their childrens children are now solidly entrenched in our Society.

Our population would be falling if it weren't for Immigration.

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