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Election Guidelines

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posted on Sep, 21 2005 @ 09:38 AM
link, LLP is pleased to announce the 2nd Member Council Elections...

The nominees will be placed on a live Poll which will allow Members to vote for the nominee of their choice during the primaries. Before we can create this poll we need to know which seat the nominees are running for. I believe most of the niminees stated the seat the want, if they didn't I will U2U the nominee to get resolution.

The seats are:

- ATS X Council Person: ATS alien, UFO, Science, etc. forums
- ATS G Council Person: ATS gov, NWO, conspiracy, etc. forums
- ATSNN Council Person: ATSNN issues
- ATS DISC Council Person: DISC Representitive
- BTS Council Person: All BTS forums
- PTS Council Person: All PTS forums
- ATS Council Person At Large: Helping where needed

Hopefully the existing Council will have the Charter drawn up before this election is over. In the event they do not, the new Council's first and ONLY job will be to get a charter written. There's nothing else that can be done until a basic charter is agreed upon.

From that charter we will establish solid guidelines for the Council and all actions/responibilities therein.

We will announce the poll's readiness when it's ready.
(Skeptic is slammed at the moment)

I suggest PodCasting as a way to get the leg up on your competition, remember, this is politics, all the advantages go to those who work the hardest.


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