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NEWS: Murdoch Names Paul Carlucci As The New York Post Publisher

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 06:47 PM
58 year old New Yorker, Paul Carlucci has been picked by Rupert Murdoch to replace the media magnates son Lachlan at the reigns of The New York Post. Lachlan Murdoch resigned his position within the company after arguments with his father and other executives over the running of the company it is believed. It is also understood that Rupert Murdochs moves to have his children by his third wife Wendi included into the family trust company were met with opposition from Lachlan.

"Paul is without peer in the consumer advertising and marketing industry," Mr Murdoch said.

"He has a background in newspapers and has run the preeminent consumer advertising and promotional business in America for more than a decade, during which he has built an unparalleled network of contacts among retail advertisers."

Lachlan Murdoch, 34, long seen as the successor to his father, 74, in July announced he was leaving News Corp saying he wanted to return to Australia to raise his son Kalan with wife Sarah O'Hare.

Rupert Murdoch's only child remaining as an executive at News is James Murdoch, 32, chief executive of the group's 37 per cent-owned British pay-TV group BSkyB. He was now seen as Mr Murdoch's heir apparent.

Lachlan Murdoch's resignation prompted speculation of feuds with his father and the company's No2 executive, chief operating officer Peter Chernin.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Rupert Murdoch briefly took over the running of the New York post after Lachlan resigned but now believes the company will be in the most capable hands it could possibly be in with the appointment of Carlucci to the head of the business.

it will be interesting to find out whether Lachlan does return to the fold at some time in the future to resume an active role in the running of the trust.


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