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Pasta Sauce Recipe 100% KOUTA!

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posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 11:26 PM
This is my Secret Pasta Sauce recipe - The secret is my friends would KILL to know this recipe, but alas, they dont know I post on these here forums

First off the meat for the sauce:
Whatever you do when cooking pasta sauce is NEVER use mince meat.
That stuff is SO full of fat and God knows what else that butchers use .....
Its best to use veal steaks or any top quality steak, but veal is best.

Chop up the steak into any size chunks and place them into a food processor (but dont process them just yet)
Next use 1 onion chopped into 4 quarters into the processor.
2 cloves of garlic whole and a bunch of fresh or dried mixed herbs of your choosing. ( I use the "Italian Mixed Herbs" from local Supermarket)

Next blend meat, onion, garlic and herbs in the processor to make your own mince meat.
Once that has been done, let it sit in a bowl in the fridge for at least 2 hours (even better if it can stay over night)

Next heat a frying pan and place mince into pan as one whole large meat "patty" in some extra virgin olive oil and cook until brown.
Once the first side is done, cut the patty in half or quarters and flip them over cooking the other side.
Once both sides are brown, using an egg turning spatula, begin to chop up the meat patty into small peices until cooked right through.

Now get a large cooking pot with high sides.

Gently heat some extra virgin olive oil in the pot.
Into that place mince meat & 2 tins of whole chopped tomato's.
1x large jar of Paul Newman's Own "Sockarooni" sauce.
2x large Capsicums (peppers) 1x red & 1x yellow.
1x small jar of Capers. (just the capers, not the water from jar)
100g of traditional Hungarian Salami, cut into tiny peices.
500g of Portabella Mushrooms (MUST be Portabella as the small white mushrooms are flavourless for this type of sauce) and chop them into rather large chunks.
And lastly a small hand full of brown sugar.

Let this now simmer at a low heat for around 2 - 3 hours.

As simple as this sauce is to make - the taste is something else.
Can then be used with any pasta you desire.


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