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Cool Idea for Our Nation's Armed Forces

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 09:01 PM
After doing some time in the United States Navy, and terminally bored at times... Here is the coolest Idea I would like to see...

The TAD Raffle! (TAD = Temporary Additional Duty, generally no longer than six months)

- Only ONE GRANDEST OF THE GRAND Prize Winner will get A set of (PCS orders!*) new orders Anywhere to ANY Command!
- Grand Prize winners gets COST TAD to any US military base in the world.
- First Place Winners gets; COST TAD in CONUS.
- Second Place Winners gets; Cost TAD anywhere in their region
- Second (lower) place winners gets; No-Cost TAD anywhere in their region
- Third Place Winners gets; No-Cost TAD anywhere in Corporate Limits
- Fourth Place Winder gets; No-Cost TAD to any unit or command on thier post or base.

* PCS = Permnant Change of Station

The Military could rake MILLIONS off it's on people, if they charged like $10 per ticket. Had the Drawing once a year.

The rules (How I would make them)..
Open to Active Duty Military Only. All Ranks and Rates. Must complete Deployment status before beginning TAD. Must have alteast a year left on their contract to enter. Must be in the military for atleast 18 monthes of consecutive, unbroken service. Prisoners may not enter. No NJPs/Art 15 Convictions in the last six months.
Winners will either fill their apporiate duty at their TAD command or fill a general duty billet. (Meaning the Winner will be gainfully employed when they are TAD).
COST TAD meaning, The goverment picks-up all or most expenses.
No-Cost TAD meaning, the individual will pick-up ALL expenses, at no charge to the government.
No Limit on How many tickets a service member can buy.
Tickets would be sold at $10 each and discounted at 12 tickets for $100 dollars.

Here is something else to explain. Say you are in the Army. You can only Choose Army or Air Force commands or elements. If you are Navy or Marines, you can only choose Navy or Marine Commands or Elements.

This is all a dream anyways. If they did do this, That would be awesome.

posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 05:00 PM
Join the Moral Suppression Team!
Want to drive your Unit's moral into the Ground? Here are some sure-fire ways to make it happen!

This is for the Navy (and would also work well for the Coast Guard)

- Set as many NEEDLESS and POINTLESS watches as possiable.
Like The Head and Showers compartment Watch. Berthing compartment Watch and many more.
- No more duty sections! Thats Right No more Duty Sections. We have liberty Sections! every eight days you get liberty.
- E-5 and below, NO civilian Clothes!
- New liberty hours. Liberty Expires onboard at Midnight for E-5's, 10pm for E-4's, and 8pm for E-3 and below. (This is inport in San Diego, Ca; Norfolk, Va or where ever the Ship calls homeport)
- No unauthorized Blankets on racks
- Smoking Cards. In order to take a smoke break you must have a smoking Chit, signed by the Medical Officer. No Card = Automatic Report Chit!
- All Captain's mast judgements will ALL be the same. 45/45, half a month pay for two monthes, reduction in paygrade to the next inferior paygrade.

How would you make things suck at your command or unit if you were running the Moral Suppression Team?

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