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Mark V SpecOps Boat

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posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 05:58 PM

The Mark V is used to carry Special Operations Forces (SOF), primarily SEAL combat swimmers, into and out of operations where the threat to these forces is considered to be low to medium. - Source

They also support limited coastal patrol and interruption of enemy activities. The MARK V Special Operations Craft (SOC) is the newest, versatile, high performance combatant craft introduced into the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Special Boat Squadron (SBR) inventory to improve maritime special operations capabilities.

In terms of weaponry … Let's just put it this way: the Mk V can hold its own. It has 4 hard points (two on each side of the craft), providing 360 degrees of coverage. At those points, it can mount any of the following: 7.62mm machine guns (M60, M240), .50 caliber machine guns (both single and twin mounts), Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher, GAU-2 B/A 7/62mm 6-barrel mini-gun, Mk 38 25mm machine gun system. Talk about firepower! - Source

One source I read says its powered by twin 2285 HP MTU 12V396 TE94 engines
but another source (the forsale link below) says they are 1450hp each

I also thought it was pretty cool that its C5 transportable as shown in this photo

I actually found 2 for sale in the UK for just GBP £650,000!

If these are for sale I would assume that means that the SEALS and other SpecOps groups already have something newer and better in operation?

Does anyone know anything more about the Mark V? I have heard that they are very stealthy as in a very very low RCS as well as extremely quiet, and was wondering how quiet since they pack 2-3K hp?

Are they a water jet drive system or a regular prop?

Here are some more good pics I found:

Is there another model that doesn't have the enclosed style cockpit? A few months ago I saw pics someone took of the SEALS launching 2 boats in one of the great lakes but they seemed slightly shorter without an enclosed cockpit, and the crew area was more towards the stern with a longer looking bow.

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