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Question about body armour?

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 01:04 PM
Just wondered if anyone out there can help me with this one?

A few years ago, 1991 to be precise, a few of us were given a new type of body armour to put through its paces. The reason for this was because we had lost a few guys to a sniper in the area and it was the .50 AP round that was being used and understandably the guys did'nt stand a chance if hit.

This body armour we were told had stopped .50 on the range at a distance of 200m. Rumour had it that it was strapped to the side of a live pig. Apparently the body armour stopped the bullet but the pig was knocked halfway down the range and died from massive shock injuries. (Whether true or not, made us a lot happier that story did!:@@

I can't find my "front on" pic, but this stuff weighed 35lb, there was a trauma pad underneath a huge ceramic plate and they covered pretty much the whole of your chest and abdomen area.

After several patrols it was quickly established that it was impractical to wear if you wanted to:

1. Move quickly.
2. Wear anything on your back or front like a bergan, assault vest etc.
3. Avoid looking like a unit of obese soldiers!
I'd rather not wear any and be able to run fast than be slowed down that much that i presented more of a target.

Luckily we never did get to see whether it would stop a .50 in real life, they wee handed in along with our findings and that was the last i ever saw of the stuff.

Anyway, this was the armour side on, you can see how much the damn stuff stuck out so i'm not suprised it could stop a lot!

I've fired the .50 enough times to know that i'm glad i was'nt the first guy to try it out against one of these big boys!

I am by no means any expert on body armour, i just wore the stuff that i knew worked. I'm just wondering what other peoples opinions are on this and if anyone has any idea what this might have been?



posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 01:10 PM
the current body armor that American troops wear in the field is the Interceptor armor. i never heard a body armor that can withstand a .50 cal ap round. there is a video in which an American soldier was shot by an insurgent sniper using the 7.62 x 58 round that did not penetrate, however it knocked him down but was able to get up. even if such body armor that can withstand .50, it be heavy and bulky. maybe in the future wear advances in lighter but stronger armor that can withstand .50 cal or shrapnel, will the product be shipped to the troops in the field. but right now its not practical.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 02:47 PM
I think U can be calm ... if U get hit by a .50 cal. AP with body amour on 200m U will get 2 new breathing holes.

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