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(STBSS) Beautiful night, wasn't it?

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 12:04 AM
Jack crawled out of the tent, unsure of what woke him. The night had not cooled, but a thick fog had set in. He picked up a piece of firewood, stood it on end and sat on it. He was unsure if he was sweating or if the fog was merely condensing on his skin. He could barely see red coals in the firepit a mere four feet away. He looked around and saw nothing. He could hear the generator from the large camper in the next campsite but could not see it.
Jack opened the cooler beside him and reached in for a cold beer. Before opening it, he rubbed it over his face and chest. Then he had a long drink, not stopping until he finished about a third of it.
Not far away he heard almost a howl, but close to a growl. It was unlike anything he had ever heard, and very deep and very loud. Goosebumps appeared and covered his body. He dropped the beer and scurried into the tent. Accidentally he stepped on Maria, his wife, who had been awakened by the sound. Roughly awakened, terrified by the intrusion, and in pain from Jack stepping on her ankle, she screamed.
"Shhh! Can't you be quiet? Jack asked.
"No", she whimpered. "I think you broke my ankle. What was that noise?"
"I have no idea. Overactive imagination?"
"No way. Where is the First Aid Kit? I think I need a splint."
"What? Ohh..." he said, slowly comprehending his wife's problem. "Does it hurt?"
"Yes, you Big Oaf, get the kit for me."
"Wait until morning. That kit is in the car."
"I'm supposed to lay here all night in pain? I guarantee you will not get any sleep."
They heard the growling howl again. This time it sounded right beside the tent.
Suddenly the inside of the tent lit up as if several searchlights were on the other side of the nylon. The tent material rippled as if a gentle breeze was blowing. The inside of the tent suddenly got brighter than it had been in daylight. Without warning, the breeze became almost a gale, threatening to pull the tent apart.
Long after the lights went out and the wind quit moving, they still held each other, cowering.
With the dawn, Jack unzipped the tent and looked out. The fog was gone. Nothing had changed that he could see. That powerful windstorm had not moved anything!
"I'll...I'll get that First Aid kit now," he said.
"No need," she replied. "I feel good. I can't even feel my arthritis."
Jack crawled partly out of the tent and froze. In the dirt, in front of him was the largest footprint he had ever seen. It was at least twice the length of his, and he had big feet. Maria crawled out beside him and started to stand. That was when she saw it. She looked around. The footprints were everywhere. She looked closer. "Six toes?" she questioned.
The man from the camper sat at his picnic table, eating breakfast. He waved and called over, "Beautiful night, wasn't it? I must have stayed up half the night looking at the stars. Oh, yeah," he smiled, "Couple of crazy kids claimed they saw a UFO last night." Then he laughed.
Wide-eyed, Maria looked at Jack, only to find him staring at her.

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