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Are you prepared for World War Three?

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 07:19 AM

The Truth Seeker
By John Kaminski – July 25, 2005

Let's pretend, just for the moment, that this is a hypothetical question.

Let's pretend, just for argument's sake, in the comfort of your own easy chair, in front of your own big screen TV, just a few easy steps away from your favorite, anxiety-reducing snacks in your refrig, that this is just an academic exercise in geopolitical and psychological speculation, a polite brainstorming session that imaginary participants might conduct if certain coincidental worst case scenarios were to come to pass ... all at the same time.

And let us acknowledge, in the calm certainty of our own typically secure routines, that any resemblance of this imaginary debate to actual persons and events living or dead may not be purely coincidental.

OK? Got it? Pretend it's hypothetical. Just for fun. Then let's begin.

Are you ready for World War Three?

What would you do?


posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 07:34 AM
I am a long term student in American History and I have a perty vast knowldge of it. I would most likely motion my life to a WWII style. I would do my best to conserver meat, electricity, and metals. I would rationmy food for me and my family as best as possible. I would also except teh fact that my place is here supporting the economy and not out to fight. However if I was asked to fight I would defend my country.

I keep myself seperated and independet for electronics on a regular basis. I do not watch much TV, listen to raido and I can rarely find an actual use for my computer. I do this so that way in a situation such as a WWIII I would not be reliant on technologies that could easily fail. I do not want my life to be in the hands of soemthing that can fail so I trust myeslf over my computer.

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