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NZ Election date announced

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 02:12 AM
The Prime Minister has announced the election date. Helen Clark says the country will go to the polls on Saturday September 17.

She made the announcement at her post cabinet media conference, following weeks of speculation on when the election would be held.

Clark waited almost until the last possible date to give herself time to reverse a swing in the polls which has seen Labour lose a 10 percentage point lead since the beginning of the year.

The election is expected to be fought mainly on local issues, such as tax cuts, following a series of controversies involving some ministers, a poorly received budget in May, and a resurgence of support for the opposition centre-right National Party.

In announcing the date Clark returned to now familiar themes - leadership, credibility and values. She said there was a stark choice between an experienced Labour administration and a National team who she described as amateurs.

I certainly wont be voting for the current rabbel other wise known as the Labour party. I want poltical correctness voted out of office.
The only question for me is do I vote for National or ACT?
I am leaning toward ACT but I feel that a vote on a minor party that might dissapear into the political wildness is wasted.

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