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Clive Barker and Enoch

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 06:07 AM
A short essey on Clive Barker and the magic behind it
(if spelling is bad its because Im from a non english speaking country)

Clive Barker and Enoch

Clive Barker is a great personality with many sides and this report is of one of them.
His famous books are among the best you can find in the book shelves these days. They consists of numerous good reports on what once has happened for real back in the old days. For an example his famous character Pinhead is a real character that once lived on an island called Lemegeton. This island was called Lemegeton because it consisted of a large number of lemegetons and lemegeton is a word for poor people with poor lives. The character in the book was one of the most poor mans on the island and his wife was the one responsible for it. He loved his wife a lot and he gave everything he owned (and it was barely nothing at the time) so that’s why he was a bit more poor then most people. He then got in trouble with the local sheriff and decided that it was time to change his poverty so that he could pay of his debts to the sheriff. The debts consisted of 100 of “gold money” at the time and it was more then he owned. The sheriff decided that it was time to take his life when he couldn’t come up with the money in time. It was a great war at the time and half of his friends were at battles and they could not get the money for him. That’s when he decided to sell his soul to the devil. Back then Lemegeton was an island of Atlantis and a very poor one compared to the other islands. His friends were killed one by one in the wars and soon even his wife. The sheriff did not bother about his poor life or poor friendships that he had lost so he decided to kill the sheriff back. The famous pinhead character is now a famous reincarnation of the actual pinhead himself. The famous movie star is himself the man who once lived on the island called Lemegeton. The character he once was and what he did put a big impression on the time events back then and changed the course of destiny for a large number of people.
The sheriff was warned of his attempts to kill him and he put him behind bars instead. The sheriff said to him: In times like this someone like you should not bother about revenge and poverty you should yourself join the battles and win for us as most of your friends and comrades are doing for our country. “Pinhead” replied by saying:
My life is too important to waste on pointless battles instead I am going to sell my soul to the devil so I can get back everything that I have lost. The sheriff laughed at his “silly” threats and went on to do his things. And it was then that the real fun saga began.
He decided it was time to change the course of his life. He was back then a famous character that was famous for being a big soul even in his previous lifetimes. His reincarnations were the following. The famous queen that ruled over the dynasties of “The Golden Ring of Irons”
The golden ring stands for the golden people that ruled by the help of irons. This was way back before Atlantis and between the ages of the dawns of the fall of men from the famous island of Lemuria. Pinhead was also a famous mathematician in one lifetime and it was he who invented the box and its secrets. The box consists of gateways to the astral plane and even to the mental planes. The magic that it carried was the worst kind. It was total black and its powers came from the famous beings that made Atlantis fall. The so called “vampire family” beings that came from the portals of the famous book Enoch. Enoch consisted back then of real beings that lived on the lowest of astral planes. They were worshiped of a large number of people and had tremendous powers cause of it. They could transform the physical room according to their will and even transform the bodies of people (the nature of things was not as stable back then). They could transform the bodies of people cause of them surrendering their free will to these entities and in return they lost their powers over themselves. The book of Enoch and its keys all lead to the lowest of astral and the kingdoms that dwell there. The demons of Enoch were big back then and their powers were dominating the hole of the world. The large number of people that fell in their hands lost all their energy because these beings could vamperise the human organism until it was practically only bones left. You can imagine the energy they then could restore for themselves. They could manufacture large bodies of etheric energy that lived by their will alone and these beings could perform tasks like killing of small children just for fun. Their powers lie in the following. A man can not get what he wishes for and then sells his soul to the devil. This has a tremendous price that is bigger then the cost of the wish and the wish must one day be paid back with what you call these days discount. The beings still exists today in the lowest of planes and people still use them for vamperising and black magic tasks. The etheric beings they created are all described by Barker and other writers. His books are full of accurate descriptions of these beings and their powers. The demons themselves never performed any killings it was just the will of the man who sold his soul. The Devil is very real and is a living entity living in the lowest of astrals (and still do these days). The nature of the human “ego” and its wishes all has a great price and the price can always be waited for until one can afford. The pinhead character was once a black magician himself and he turned his will towards these beings and he got what he wanted. He got his wife back but she was in a bad state. Her body was regenerated physically but the soul who once possessed it was gone and instead one of those beings was inhabeting her. He realised the truth behind it all and there was a great loss in his heart again and he decided once again it was time to do some more damage. He wanted to take revenge on those beings that had tricked him and in return he wanted the beings souls back. The Enoch beings laughed and smiled to him and said:
Little man, do you really think that wishes hold all you want. Do you really think wishes are real, they are just illusions and man never gets anything that he wishes for. This was not true he said and he then decided to prove them wrong. Back then not all men who sold their souls were as smart as Pinhead and he realised now that he would never get back his beloved one and so he made the following.
He decided to take the souls of the men who were killed in the wars and do the same as the beings themselves did. He himself turned into a demon just like the once in Enochs book.
Enochs demons got raged and a big black magic war broke out and they all lost against this man. The great saga of the Enoch demons was revealed and they all fled to another planet through a dimensional gateway. They have never stopped to come back but the portal is now closed and these being are still here but not so many of them. The portal was open long even after Atlantis and got closed after another great black magic war during the middle ages.
The Clive Barker stories are all true up to a certain degree and the stories come from the time of these beings of Enoch that once lived here. The saga is not ended but remains now in the famous books and movies of Clive Barker. These being still live in the astral and the book of Enoch is still used and the wishes are still manifesting but the “matter” of the world today make it harder. The Pinhead character is still using black magic in the lowest of astral but his kingdom his slowly disappearing as we now enter a new age.
In Sweden nowadays there exists of large underground societies that still use the Enoch magic and its powers to a great success. The beings are still here and their magic still works.
There are not only societies in Sweden put a large number in Finland, Russia, Portugal and Italy and many more countries. In the US the large number of black magicians are using what is called sigils from other beings not connected to Enoch but that of the Draconians.
These sigils are even more powerful then Enoch and they are connected to the US government. The mass live in fear of speaking against these creatures and they are totally dominated by these beings on a mental level.
The Draconians live in underground caves in the US as well as in Italy and Austria. They plan to take over the world by means of military and holy wars.
The author Clive Barker is a channel for these old stories as well as other numerous writers.

The Enoch Beings

The Enoch beings are still alive today. They are shorter and more, you can call it intelligent because of their old age. They are more sophisticated at finding victims because the large number of people in the world does no longer believe in the old magic and are totally disoriented because of it. The victims of these beings can not defend them selves against an attack from these beings and are totally under their powers. This is because just a few number of people are aware of the magic principles and how it works. The beings are called upon and used for power, wishes and knowledge and domination over other comrades. The black magic societies in the northern of Sweden practise shape shifting and other forms of magic. They can transform themselves into wolves and other entities by the use of these beings. Only a very small group does this and they are extremely powerful when it comes to powers over people. The can enter the brain of men and women and totally control them. They do this by controlling the mental body of the brain and organism and they are zombies that have lost their free will. Cases like this are very rare and they exists in a very small amount. The northern society in Sweden is a very, very small group but consists of people that have good knowledge of astral things and beings.
The Enoch beings can transform the physical matter into wishes that manifest. The wishes are sometimes real and sometimes illusions. An example of an illusion can be:
A man wishes for wealth. He wants money and wants to be rich. What can he do?
He calls for a being in the Enoch book or the Lemegeton and expresses to them what he wants. I want to be rich he says. The beings then do following statements. This man is wishing for money and they think I can give it to him within 3 days. I can kill someone that he loves and he will get the money from him. They do this in the worst possible way. They most use physical means to get the money to him and they go the shortest most effective way. They kill someone mostly. And why can they do this, because the wisher does not express that no one is going to get hurt in the process. The entities do not care. If a wish is expressed like I want no one to get hurt or suffer in the process it can take months or even years for the wish to manifest and the price will be less to pay back. These being do not care about human values or any value at all and the wish is all they care about. And the wisher gets eventually in hell one day for not thinking and not being careful for what one wishes.

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 03:30 PM
that is quite an interesting story my friend. i havent read the books at all and didnt even know their was any for that matter but from the movie i thought it was a toymaker who created the box/new jerusalem and his blood line was the keeper of the box and pinhead was just some old army guy who played with the box ect ect ect. interesting tho

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 12:52 PM
Foreverx what evidence do you have to support this? Also; when you refer to Enoch magick are you truly referring to Enochian magick as uncovered by John Dee & Edward Kelley? If you are; than there is no difference between it and what you say "black magicians" are using in the US...Enochian magick is not necessarily "black magick" either...

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