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Strange thing(shooting star)

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posted on Aug, 2 2003 @ 07:51 AM
This was really strange, I was out the other night with a friend and we got talking about the stars, You no, where you wonder how many is up there...
Then i saw a shooting star, Well at least that is what i think i seen,
It done the normal thing streaked across the sky!
but then changed direction and went of another way.
Then disapered,
Any ideas what this was?
I dont no much about shooting stars, But i have never seen that happen before.

posted on Aug, 2 2003 @ 08:23 AM
but I don't think they change directions, in an abrupt way.

Saw one falling too yesterday

16 & 17 of august should be the most spectacular, but it's also full moon then, you'll see less meteors because of it.

hmm, not really sure it's 16 & 17, could be 12 & 13

enjoy anyway

Maybe you've seen Robbie Reptile or Gary Grey flying his fancy piece of equipment, Asala. That would've been nice, wouldn't it

posted on Aug, 2 2003 @ 12:38 PM
It was almost a 90 degree turn! Or could it possibly be that i saw two,
i'll be looking out for more now, Its mad, since coming here on Ats i keep looking out for things,
Its making me crazy!!!

posted on Aug, 4 2003 @ 02:26 AM
I live in fairfax, VA. I've seen two UFOs (by the propper definition of UNIDENTIFIED flying objects)

The first was around 7pm at the Occacuan Resivuar at the boathouses (It was at the end of Crew practice). We were all getting on the bus to go back to our HS at the time when I looked up and saw something streak across the sky. It was distinctly green in color (almost neon green) but wasn't very bright, amost like a green star. It crossed horizon to horizon (remember that this is VA and the Horizon is extremely limited due to the large amount of trees.)

The second was driving near my home on Olley Rd. traveling north several years later. I looked up through my windshield and saw what appeared to be the same kind of green dot. It was moving north, appeared to drop in altitude (now farther ahead of me rather than above me) and then took a sharp curve upwards and quickly darted off into the sky and faded just as fast. (still moving generally north). I was taken aback. The first of these things I saw I could pass off as being a shooting star (AKA a meteor, though I've never heard of a green one) but this one moved in a way that wasn't explainable if it was a meteor. I don't really know what to make of them and I'm skeptical to jump to conclusions, but I think about them time to time and try to explain them. I've never come up with anything other than an intelligently piloted object.

posted on Aug, 4 2003 @ 04:16 AM
I've seen a silver disc back in 86, in Melbourne that done a 90 degree turn while travelling at extreme speed, no conventional craft or falling star could have done this, and i saw this in daylight as well!

posted on Aug, 4 2003 @ 04:36 AM
I have heard about certain crafts that are able to do a 90 degree turn, I have never seen one myself but I have heard a theory.

Basically the craft(s) when flying around earth are only in lets say "first gear". When they wish to exit our orbit and depart for somewhere else far far away, then they go up a gear.

However don't think of this in a conventional way. Most of the crafts are not powered by conventional engines that we understand which is why we have nothing that can do a 90 degree turn while going slowly let alone well above the speed of sound.

I have heard that some may be powered by complex magnetism and utilises the various gravitational fields of the universe to propel itself to unimaginable speeds.

posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 04:51 AM
Old thread but thought id bump it.

but then changed direction and went of another way.

They can bounce off earths atmosphere, but i would personally think more along the lines of a ufo, whether man made or not.

Im in london too, i have a amazing view of london and the sky, but never see anything odd

posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 05:10 AM
Chances are, you saw one fizzle out just as another one flared up and shot in the other direction, giving you the illusion that you saw a single 'star' change direction. Sorry to be boring.

But you never know. It could have been some aliens mucking around.

posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 08:47 AM
It was aliens.

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