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Dreams; Heaven & Hell

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posted on May, 6 2005 @ 05:01 PM
I am just wondering if anyone else experiences dreams of Gods love and pure evil?
I have had amazing dreams of the prescence of the Holy Spirit, a bright light just eminating such love that I was sobbing and on my knees (in my dream, when I woke I was still crying in disbelief that I could be so loved). I was of no religion at that time.
A few years ago I dreamed of a great flood and people panicking, I felt an incredible faith that I could walk on the water and I did. I was wondering why people were panicking when they should just know the truth of Gods love, again I was not of any faith (though curious).
The downside is that I also dream of evil. It can be simplistic eg; I am with someone but I feel evil coming from them and they will turn to me and say something like "anything wrong?" and I just know that it is demonic. The extreme is when I dreamed I walked towards a room but then was paralyzed, three rooms; one with my sister, one with my mother and the last with my brother. My sister was levitated up and over a bath, she was lowered by an invisible force till just her mouth and nose was submerged. My brother was levitated up to the ceiling and then his head was smashed methodically against the ceiling until he was killed. This is several years ago my siblings were still young and I love them both, I was very shaken by this nightmare for a long time.
The last major dream I had was of a battle being constantly waged around us that we are unable to see. I was with the Angels (dressed much like some kind of soldiers looking pretty fierce!)who were fighting with demons trying to undo the chaos and damage they were causing in the physical world. It was a continual battle that we can not see. I woke up exhausted and very happy that that wasnt the real world.
I would love to hear from anyone else that has these types of dreams.
People I know dont!

I am still finding my feet in faith so feel like an unlikely candidate for these types of dreams. Anyone in the same boat? Would like to hear any thoughts.


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