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Eastern Lightning: Satanic Cult Corrupts Christian Doctrine and Strikes Throughout China

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posted on May, 3 2005 @ 03:12 AM
I was totally shocked and awed when I found out about this today and felt this was the first place I have to go before going and doing my first idea which is to create a web page devoted to exposing this. This is phunked up. Check out the Time Magazine article first.

This will give you a brief overview about this. Then go to this website and read more by someone with first hand experiences on this.

The odd thing is that it could be true they are funded by US Satanic Cults. I think it is safe to say the Chinese Communist Party is strongly against this. Oddly I haven't heard anything about this before. That's good. That means the Government is doing a good job keeping this out of the media. It could turn a lot of people on and they would actually want to join this cult.

What's messed up the most is they claim Jesus is here now and he is acutally a Chinese Woman in hiding who has never been photographed. The do have one thing right, that China is the Beast as proclaimed in the gospel. They prey on the rural peasants who are not satisfied with the communist party and get them to feel the world is ending and the only way to salvation is through this Chinese Woman Jesus. - The Antichrist?

For an overview of the cult, breaking it down into

Sacred Book
The Nature of God
Human Condition
What is Salvation

you can go to this site here at

I'd like to leave you with a couple quotes from that...

Sacred Book: Eastern Lightning (EL) was founded on a twisted interpretation of Matthew 24:27, which at first impression seems to indicate their adherence to the Bible. However, they refuse to accept the authority of scripture and attack the Bible vehmently. They also claim that since we have entered into the "kingdom age," (see "The Nature of God" below) all the words of Jesus Christ are worthless.

How is a person saved? Salvation is achieved through the female Christ, a woman in Henan, China. A believer must unquestioningly obeying the orders of this messiah to receive salvation and avoid eternal damnation.

Although the cult is still young, much has been published on their group. Clear doctrinal statements are difficult to find, but reports of abuse, blackmail, torture and unethical behavior are too numerous to count.

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posted on May, 3 2005 @ 07:28 AM
This isn't the first time the Word of God was changed from what was written to what someone who's primary interest is lust for power. Any Christian can tell the difference. The real casualty are those who cannot. As the article said, they scarcely read the Bible.

The Satanist I knew was pretty overt about his beliefs. It would be uncommon I think to put up a front of Jesus Christ, since to do so might 'accidently' lead them to read the Bible and find the truth about God. The thing about deception, is that you have to make the end result as far away from the truth as possible. Telling them to worship God and pray to Him is not within the Satanic agenda to my knowledge.

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