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Passionate Plea to all UK citizens. May 5 vote.

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posted on May, 2 2005 @ 12:07 PM
I'm not telling anyone who to vote for. That is up to you.

but we all know just how manipulative, sheming and basically DANGEROUS Tony Blair has been to the UK in his two terms of power.

Health, law and order, Immigration, Taxes and the Iraq situation all have exploded out of control, basically Blair and his mob cant hold an orgy in a brothel and you and me, the ordinary men and women will have to pay through out noses morally, monitarily and socially for his gross mismanagment, decit and lies.

Basically Blair has one big advantage, he has a HUGE majority in goverment, this means he can vote through any tin pot idea, or scheme and get away with it. This majority is his power. If he gets back in with another huge majority he i believe will use it to solidify his position so we'll be never have a proper democracy ever again.

please do NOT abastain, that is the biggest sin of all, our ansestors fought against tyrants for the right to vote. I dont care who you vote for, but the majority Blair has is his achillies heel, sweep that aside and although he may still be in power, his teeth will be pulled.

click here for a taste of his 'leadership' abillity.

the choice is in your hands.

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 12:30 PM
I can't vote
my 18th birthday is in a couple of months, and the sad thing is many people in my age range aren't going to vote simply because they don't see a point in doing so.

As you said our ansestors fought against tyrants for the right to vote, it is not only our right to vote but our responsibilty.

Go and vote people, use your democratic right


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