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Gambling odds on the new pope?

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posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 02:11 AM
I preface this subject and post with no intention to offend anyone, I just simply wish to add a unique perspective to or add yet another angle to the question of who the the new pope will be.

For what it is "worth" I have been looking into the new pope #111 etc, and found it incredibly intriguing that several on-line gambling websites have several candidates well as the odds of them winning.. "Winner is the "man" appearing at the central window in St. Peter's Basilica accepting the call of "Habemus Papam" after the balloting concludes.."

I wanted to post links to a few of these sites, but realized it would be two-fold blasphemy to catholicism as well the audience. Therefore, I will post ONLY the odds from one site as an example.

Note: +100 means $100 bet in USD pays $100. Or in the first line +258 mean if he wins you win $258 on a $100 bet. or 2.58 to 1 ..

1 D. Tettamanzi +258
2 F. Arinze +557
3 C. Hummes +668
4 O. Rodriguez +704
5 J. Ratzinger +538
6 G. Battista +1472
7 J. Lustiger +2943
8 JM Bergoglio +1548
9 D. Castrillon +2581
10 G. Danneels +2719
11 J. Ortega +3453
12 C. Schoenborn +2182
13 I. Dias +2765
14 W. Kasper +10228
15 N. Rivera +9794
16 C. Ruini +5227
17 A. Scola +1244
18 C. Martini +10245
19 E. Antonelli +11390
20 G. Biffi +10146
21 A Sodano +3444
22 T. Bertone +6587
23 S. Poletto +10448
24 C. Sepe +11390
25 M. Ce +5426

Granted this list is not all inclusive, as these sites invite other candidate proposals.. etc. Just food for thought. Comments welcomed. (and NO I am not a bookie)

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[edit on 4/10/2005 by wizdumb2003]

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 12:43 AM
Noone comments.

Again I dont know how they came up with theirs numbers but on-line Gambling sites pick these as their top five in the papal conclave election:

1 D. Tettamanzi +305
2 J. Ratzinger +493
3 F. Arinze +546
4 C. Hummes +683
5 O. Rodriguez +721

I only hope they know less than WE DO .. but it appears they know better or well enough to back it with their finances..

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