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NEWS: Appeal Against Decision by Agent Orange Victims Lodged

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posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 04:38 AM
A formal appeal has been lodged by lawyers representing millions of Victims suffering harm by the herbicide Agent Orange after last months dismissal of the case by District Court Judge Jack Weinstein on the grounds that the lawsuit was without basis. Monsato, Dow Chemical and Hercules, three major chemical companies have been accused in the lawsuit of committing crimes against humanity for supplying the toxic herbicide and defoliant during the vietnam war.
The Brooklyn judge also found that the plaintiffs could not prove that Agent Orange had caused their illnesses, largely because of a lack of large-scale research.

The lawsuit was the first attempt by Vietnamese plaintiffs to seek compensation for the effects of Agent Orange, which is laden with the highly toxic chemical dioxin and has been linked to cancer, diabetes and birth defects among Vietnamese soldiers, civilians and American veterans.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The highly toxic and carcinogenic herbicide was used in the Vietnam conflict by the U.S army to clear jungles, which then prevented the enemy northern communist forces from being able to conceal themselves in the foliage. The herbicide was also used to destroy crops.

The Vietnamese Government has reacted angrily to last months ruling dismissing the victims saying that the U.S government should be accountable to the people and the environment although the Vietnamese government themselves have never sought compensation for any of the victims themselves.

It is believed that at least 300 more victims are to be added to the appeal.

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