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The report from Japan

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posted on Mar, 7 2023 @ 05:15 AM
The article will explain the way it is here. Hmm. the article not shown, I try to find again.
My conclusion is that it is
1. man made
2. to put the death of the elderly through a vaccine, NOT THE VACCINE ITSELF

my dear ats members, I am sadden to say the that the vaccine ( controlled injection ) has affected the rational thinking , even among the doctors.
you will all start to see this
sadly I'm a am speaking from the university town that I have been with for 22 years
something is not right going on with the attitude now
mask, shall well we wear them
No, but you should
Doctors here are very overwhelmed on the blood test that show a high degree of accumulated fats in the test.
Like what is going on.
You don't know people but this hospital has over 300 people in the morning getting blood test.
This is not to be an alarm
Just want to report what is being taking place for many months
Sadly I know someone that is showing a twisted mind of the truth and saying what is being said on tv is wrong

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