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Britain's prime minister just resigned -- again

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posted on Oct, 30 2022 @ 04:07 PM
Well, there is a new rumour that this son of the Hindu's that apparently carry's a Ganesh statuette around with him is now being plotted against by Boris allies who still want him back and know that the Public will NOT FORGIVE them for trashing the economy then holding onto power while they continue to shovel wealth into the elite minority's pockets and impoverish everyone else.

Apparently, the Indians were excited that a half pint Ganesh devotee had become the head of the empire (not that we have an empire or anything) they even ran a story on it in their newspapers.

Why are there no tall prime ministers (not that this one is legit as he was NOT voted for by the public and like Truss does NOT have a mandate even if he promises to stick to the one Boris was voted in on and break it later which he will do, no levelling up in a new and more extreme round of austerity and anyone claiming there will be is lying through there behind) does No 10 have low ceilings or something?.

Bunch of Crook's.

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posted on Oct, 30 2022 @ 05:33 PM
Like short Asian folk are bad people?

posted on Oct, 30 2022 @ 05:38 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Sunak is going nowhere. He's been hand picked and placed exactly where they want him to be. He'll be head of the Tory party until the next election.

posted on Oct, 30 2022 @ 05:47 PM
a reply to: RMFX1

Based on the predicament the current Tory administration are in and the state of the nation.

And the fact that the last two PM fudged it all up good and proper, i have to wonder how accurate an assessment that is RMFX1.

If/when Sunak faceplants the Tories may well be forced to call a general election given the expected public outcry so you may be right from that perspective.

After all they can only polish a turd so many times before the position of PM becomes a steaming pile of #.

posted on Oct, 30 2022 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: andy06shake

(YOU, know all this already but it has to be said for others and could probably posit it better than I can)

I personally hope he is out and bouncing within the year.

The truth is that the Torys are harming their own future chances by doing what they are doing, the Nation wants desperately an Election, and they really should give it one.

Part of me is upset because of the harm the Tory's are going to inflict upon people with their new Austerity but part of me is also gleeful because it means the British people will be so scarred by it, they shall NEVER forgive and many NEVER FORGET what the Tory's have done in their lifetimes.

The Tory's are basically cutting off their own nose to spite their own face, they have left an almighty mess that Labour would be hard pressed to get us out of and are missing the chance to choose a front man that is actually presentable to the British people who could sit back on the opposition bench and smugly blame labour for its failings, (failings the Tory's have sown just like they used to always do).

But instead, the Torys are now owned by foreign entity's, they are NOT working in our nations interest which verges on treason to my mind especially with their undermining of our democracy by creating a mechanism that allowed foreign financial backers even foreign state players to buy who they want to be prime minister into power and push their agenda over our people, this has allowed the Tory's or rather there phantom TORY DONOR backers whom may just not be whom they claim to be and could be state and corporate players whose interests are NOT for our benefit but for their own to ignore electoral mandate, overturn our democracy and put in whom and WHAT they want into power in our nation as long as their puppet party owned, paid for and bought by them is in a controlling position.

My fear is that Labour is also now moving over to the same infinitely corrupt model of big money backers paying to have their goals represented by the New Labour party, in fact many former Tory party backers who found they could not afford to pay enough to influence that party's policy's when faced with huge backing from foreign interests have moved to backing the Labour party and paying them to influence (Tailor) their policy's to their liking.

There was a time when the Conservatives represented the mostly well to do upper middle class and above Conservative BRITISH voter base and Labour represented the mostly hand to mouth British working-class voter base but that sadly is no longer the truth of either party and both parties are now neo liberal puppets pushing an agenda that is NOT in our national interests.

Neo Liberalism is of course about SMALL Government, interpret that to mean your vote has no power no matter who you vote in as government will be small and weak and corporations with regulations removed will become world controlling monopolies, so democracy becomes a sham and a lie and neo liberalism harms both democracy and true affective capitalism by making that capitalism unregulated and creating the prime conditions for monopolization, runaway poverty and excess wealth in fewer and fewer hands, basically the last days of Rome with all the bad things that causes and brings with it.

Those that support it such as that vile woman Lizz Truss use the excuse of trickledown economics which is not even a theory and has NEVER worked when it has been tried, only state managed wealth redistribution work's and that is why it was created, tax the rich to support the bottom of society, manage how big corporations can be to prevent monopolization and you can never do these things with a SMALL government it has to be a large and efficient and powerful government and one that is harder to buy off behind the scenes to maintain any semblance of balance in the economic ecosystem.

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