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Election for Danish Parliament to be held on Nov. 1st 2022

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posted on Oct, 5 2022 @ 07:50 AM
Before summer the Radical Left laid pressure on current PM Mette Frederiksen, after it came out she and her chief of staff Barbara Bertelsen had been caught in foul play during Covid, where Denmark destroyed all mink. It came out that they had not secured having the law behind that command.

Sofia Carsten Nielse of the Radical Left, responded to Mette Frederiksen's display of absolute power and disregard for law and order, by demanding that Mette made the election call no later than the opening day of the Danish Parliament, which was yesterday, tuesday the 4th of october.

Today Mette responded and the Danes will have to seek out the booths on November 1st 2022 instead of the latest date which could have been late spring 2023.

Mette Frederiksen is the party leader of the Danish party The Social Democrats, and has been in power during Covid, which she handled in a very decissive manner, which some would say has been too hard.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the media has been tainted with the looming possibility of an election announcement.

Unlike previous elections, the Danes this time have to choose between 3 candidates;
- Mette Frederiksen, Social Democrat (a party resting around the middle of the spectrum, but often votes with liberal partys in legislations)
- Jacob Elleman, son of Uffe Elleman and party leader of Left, which is a rightwinged liberal party.
- Soren Pape Poulsen, party leader of The Conservative People's Party, a more right winger liberal party who believes in low taxes and people left to their own devices.

Both Mette and Soren, has over the course of some months been hit with various scandals;

- The Mink Scandal, which lead to the head of the SSI (Equivalent of the CDC) being pensioned because he was focused on being data based rather than political. Mette has after these events shield her chief of staff, Barbara Bertelsen from responsibility, even when she was piloting the events.
- The health department under the Social Democrats, systematically underdosed Covid vaccines to 3 million Danes during Covid... to save money.

- Danes widely regard the Covid restrictions having been to strict and damaging to society. We are in dire economic straits at the moment.

- Mette promised to increase the amount of nurses in public healthcare by 1.000 heads. They have managed to get 47.

- Municipalities have too strict frameworks to operate under, leading to a real decrease in service and Danish "Velfærd" (wellfare). This is especially visible in the kids area, in health care and elderly care. It's projected that Denmark will be missing 17.000 people in the care area and 17.000 teachers and police force.

Soren drove a clean sheet for a long time, but after the announcement of him running for PM, the skeletons started to come out of the closet;

- Soren's foul play as Mayor of Viborg. Soren helped refurbish some buildings in the central part of Viborg, which were supposed to be available under normal rental law for common people. Soren secured himself a very nice apartment in the refurbished building.

- It recently came out that Soren's regsitered partner Josue Medina Vazquez, had been lying about his heritage. At the time, before the media exposed it, Soren tried to damage control, by sending Josue Medina Vazquez off to meet people who could vouch for him. Josue had a personal press agent from the party assigned to him during the trip. The whole affair ended with Soren recently getting a divorce from Josue.

- During Soren's time as minister of Justice, Josue was randomly attacked by a Czech individual. Alledgedly the individual had said he didn't like gays, and knock Josue down after a night out drinking. Initially the man was only fined and imprisoned for breaking the law of public order, but during the police car ride, he was suddenly re-directed to Police Station Bellahøj, now instead charged with "hate crime", which has a harsher punishment.
Speculations are that Soren got wind of the affair and because of his status the matter was handled in a more harsh way. Recently the Czech individuals lawyer has stated that they are ressuming the case again, to see if foul play has been afoot.
Co-incidently, previously mentioned Barbara Bertelsen happened to be Soren's Chief Of Staff at the time. Barbara herself has previously been critized for misuse of power by directing police actions in a case of public violence near her apartment.

Mette's statement
As PM she ofcourse got the first announcement.
Unlike the current government entirely made by Social Democrats, Mette is now desperately clinging to the PM chair and offered a wide government across the middle.
Her statements of intention, left viewers with ideas that is inviting everyone in more or less. It's not about vision, it's about staying PM.
All the obvious things she could mention, she did...;
- Expensive bills
- More salary for some public workers
- Lessen the amount of public administration
- Dealing with criminal youth
- Protecting Denmark from the Russian aggressors
- Stern immigration laws
- Better psychiatric sector for kids and youths (currently the average wait for diagnosis for fx. depression, adhd / autism etc is 64 weeks.....)

All the cheap shots that we are worried about. As usual there were no concrete solutions to these problems. That will be up to the new government.

I'm a left wing voter myself, have always been, and now I work in the public sector. But my problem is that Mette is not a proper leader. She cannot run Denmark the right way during this time of crisis. But for some reason no left wing party has challenged the Social Democrats to boot her out.

The Social Democrats are more or less a house broken version of The Danish People's Party. Soft racists in a way... but we don't call them racist, they are just stern, when it comes to immigrants.
This at the same time as all parties are calling for more foreign workers. (see also the 17.000 healthcare workers mentioned earlier).
Danish industry is also calling for more workers.... but they want the cheap kind with low wages for floor work. Then the politicians twist those words to make it sound like they are asking for highly specialized workers with high education (which we have many of), as an argument to lower the amount of salery needed in a contract, to get a greencard.

It's a huge mess.

Add on top of that;
- The Danish People's Party split in two and a new party was born; The Danish Democrats
- Nye Borgerlige, which see themselves as a better alternative to Danish People's Party has risen.
- Previous PM Lars Løkke has made his own party called The Moderates.

So this time the Danes will have to choose between 14 parties.

Current polls put the left wing at around 50% and the right wing around 47.8%.

A month of squabbling lies ahead. A lot can happen.

posted on Oct, 5 2022 @ 09:34 AM
a reply to: flice

No offence but I think there are bigger things to focus on then the Danish election right now.
They need all to join hands and focus on military systems and bunkers for the civilians in case of nuclear war.

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