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Red, Gold, and Green TTS2022 ...non-writer

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posted on Dec, 8 2021 @ 01:59 PM
The floor is shiny and spotless and smelling of lemons; No horrible grout tile here, no sir! That stuff is barely fit for walls, let alone a floor… From a cleaning stand point, if you like tile? You’d soon change your mind, after several thousand cleans with different things to make it easier. I know I know I said you’d soon change your mind and well; Several thousand cleans sounds like A lot… But it isn’t your place to change, just clean OK?

Like ANY job after it’s over… Man I tell you I’ve had enough of whatever the hell it was I don’t know. The excuse of getting paid made it better I suppose… but there’s no heart left for tile anymore that stuff is for the birds. The table leg blending in light and shadow of the same wood as the floor not lemony though, as the airy white cotton curtain breezes away in the wind… making a swishing sound… but not really, the mind makes that part up just because if it did make a sound that's the noise to match the feeling; swiiiish silent silent swiiiish in random patterns of silence and noise.

*DING!* What's that noise you ask startled? Why… it’s the oven; and something is ready… forgot to smell for anything else being focused on the lemons? Good that’s how it smells doesn’t it? Well, you just rest your little oven mitts, and I’ll go take care of it. Of course it smelled like stuffing you know as the drool starts forming in the mouth. Nothing like a good seasoned bread wafting… through the air; Yes, I know it’s another possible curtain sound.

How’s that plate? Is the flatware on the correct side… is the water glass just as wet on the outside as the watering of your mouth? Please do try to keep it in there OK? But it is not as cold as in the water glass I hope. Oh silly me where are your manners, I can’t put that napkin where it belongs now can I? There you go… and the pizazz de resistance? Viola! Turkey on the table and not at it, how about that?

Of course here comes the mashed potatoes, and hey hey hey you know why the gravy boat has two handles yes? No? Don’t worry I’m not going to fight you for it. And here comes those hot moist dinner rolls with butter already melting and oozing out the sides, how can you possibly save room for… no no that’s cranberry sauce, not desert.. for the peas and the corn. Just kidding…

Put on a happy face; dessert is also good for breakfast, if the meal is too much for you. I wouldn’t worry about the pounds too much. The bird is already cooked pound for pound and at the proper temperature and time for it; I just hope your wait wasn’t too long; Sitting there wanting to be served.

I forgot this is supposed to be a story and a short one and this time of year? I know …it’s some of the longest meals you will ever have to attend. So thanks for being here with a good heart and mindful patience.

Cheers! Mon petit shu and happy holidays.

The end?

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posted on Dec, 8 2021 @ 05:44 PM
a reply to: Crowfoot

And maybe it's just me.... but when you wrote; "..... hey hey hey you know why the gravy boat has two handles yes? No? "
Well that's still running through my head, so remind me.... why do they have two handles?

Thanks for your submission and good luck!

posted on Dec, 8 2021 @ 05:48 PM
a reply to: JohnnyAnonymous Trying to get a handle on it yourself? The more the merrier.

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