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Funny dreams the other night

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posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 04:20 AM
I had an interesting series of dreams Tuesday into Wednesday that were in 3 memorable scenes. The first involved good coins. I had arrived to trade some 17-18th century gold escudos (pieces of eight) at some dealer's shop, which actually looked like the one on Fletcher Ave on the inside. Except the fella inside was not the real world owner, but Steven Ben-Nun from Israeli news live. Funny that. I got a better deal in physical weight, but I am pretty sure the actual dollar value favored him. Strangely enough, we had no conversation involving biblical studies or global conspiracies.

The next one was my ol' lady driving the family and I across the bay, perhaps for a trip to the beach?? No clue I don't remember actually crossing the bridge. Instead she pulls to the side roads that normally go under the bridge and back around, except it looked like a messed up dream version of the friendship trail for pedestrians that goes parallel to the road across the way, so probably SR 60 or Gandy. But this was not a pedestrian bridge at all, just another single lane road set off to the side for some reason. Problem was that instead of being elevated properly like a normal bridge it ran kind of flat along the water for about a football fields length before actually going normal bridge above the water. As a result that flat stretch was submerged in what was likely about two feet of water. She insisted on simply pressing through but this is a minivan. I distinctly remember making the argument that attempting to do so would likely put us all in perril as the distance invovled at that minimum depth could very well see us being taken away into the bay by the currents. I recall her reversing to get back on the main road , but not us crossing the bridge. I haven't a clue as to why she even got off the clearly safer main road and normal bridge.

The third act was me returning from supposed coin shop to my vehicle which was parked in the lot of a bar/grill dancehall type joint, but a very small one at that. There was a group of four, including at least one young lady hanging over my vehicle writing on it in what was likely some personal attack against me for having a Trump sticker on my bumper. I don't recollect exact writing, but after words were exchanged I was certainly fighting with at least two individuals. Officers observed but only became involved to seperate and ask me to leave the premises without retrieving my vehicle. I know I remember walking down the street afterwards.

I just thought these were funny dreams, but this is a formula my dreams tend to follow. Typically there are at least two or three acts, and they often Criss cross locations and/or people. Especially so if I wake up for a brief moment to take a drink from my water jug or put out a fire (guy slang).

Does anyone's dreams follow a similar pattern?? I can't recall if I ever just have a single long solid one theme/event dream when I sleep. I only started remembering them again as I recently have taken one of my many breaks through the year from smokable medicine. I have a feeling this will be a longer quitting time for me as it seems I can see the patterns of the universe better when my mind and body are clear of any foreign substances and it is quite clear to myself that I am becoming much better at even predicting patterns by doing so. Many of you may call what I am describing amazing intuition. I do not regularly consume alcohol or caffeine. There is never beer in my fridge and I do not drink coffee, AT ALL. Soda may be as little as once a week to once a month. I just like a taste of pepsi sometimes, but usually the kids have already drank it all by the time I decided I want a sip.

I have even creeped out a few folks with highly accurate analysis of their own thoughts, although I do not claim to read minds or hear anyone's thoughts. I just often, feel or interpret very closely what someone is not saying out loud. Like I said, to the point where I have startled coworkers on my accuracy. It's all mundane # though, I'm not guessing lottery numbers or day of deaths or anything like that.

But this is the second year in a row I suddenly decided to redirect my retirement account about a week before significant market correction as well. Probably just a coincidence, but it got me a 41% value increase for 2020 and on track for 31%+ for 2021.

One thing I know for certain, I can feel a calling to stay pure in my mind, body, and spirit so strong that I cannot ignore it. And I'm the kind of fella that has stoned out everyday for nearly a solid decade until about four years ago. Then I began intermittent breaks. I don't claim it's a calling from Jesus, as I am a whackjob that believes Jesus was likely just an idealist from some advanced star traveling society that wanted to help out some ignorant dirty apes being exploited. I will not however deny the power of faith, as I have personally witnessed how it can transform people's lives.

Well, that felt good to put in writing. If anyone shows up with a straight jacket and a gun though, be forwarned I have no problem meeting the creator; whomever/whatever it is. I enjoyed the dark void last time I was there, so it not really something I fear. I just want to talk funny dreams and the likelihood that a pure temple (body, mind, spirit) are key to double plus good intuition.

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 05:41 AM
my dreams often move
and I see places that are different
they fascinate me but don't appear to have any real-world relevance

btw, I think the piece of 8 was an 8 Reale (silver), not an Escudo

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 07:52 AM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating me!

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 08:25 AM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

interesting dream content and report

in my view dreams are 90% + about the dreamers' health or life situation ...

your report dreams are not 'messages' to your awake state about physical or social issues encountered in wakefulness

i venture your dream state is communicating but not as asubtile sub-conscious but as a entity outside yourself, perhaps a type of AI (autonomous intelligence vs. artificial intelligence)...

Think maybe your 'channeling' a intellect from another dimension ?

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 10:56 AM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

Dude, your location/street name drops reminded me of a recurring FL dream theme that is...sheeet, it ain't Florida, but it is. Everything's generally where it should be, but is completely different in appearance. Homosassa is a BIG small city (lol, it's a dinky town in reality) The Bay doesn't exist, but the Gulf does. The entire Suncoast stretch is called the Cove Coast because it's a huge, curved shallow cove, like a backward C facing Mexico.

Lots more rural or wild growth areas between bigger places, like everyone went back to nature visually & kept it that way outside concrete jungles. Arcadia was just a state park full of cabins scattered around.

I'm still not sure what the flying hell the massive wooden gates I dreamed in Ocala was for. The town was high up on a mountain (really) and the wood gates were enormous -- probably 30+ feet tall. They were build like pre-made fencing, with wooden slats, so you could kind of see through the scant number cracks to the other side.

All you can see, no matter how hard you try, is a huge water pipeline (you know what it is, but not what it's for) you could drive a bus through stretching on in front of you across what you know is a huge, deep chasm. The pipeline fades into a heavy fog.

I've had that one a few times, and every time I'm at the gates trying to take a peek at the stuff on the other side, I (and whoever I'm with, it varies) get frustrated and stomp off in a huff bitching about 'Effing Ocala, this place is weird. XD

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: ElGoobero
The silver were reales, the gold were escudos. Of course that changed somewhere in the mid to late 1800's in a handful of countries as things became centavos and pesos. I have both escudos and reales. I think Portugal still has reales.

There were 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 escudos as well as reales. I collect any and all varieties. I like my pirate treasure.

a reply to: o0oTOPCATo0o
Was it an impossible burger?? With or without cheese??

a reply to: St Udio
Well as far as th dreams go, I personally feel they were just a combination of recent experiences scrambled and shuffled into a series of dreams. For example, I been visiting the coin shops more frequently this year with the extra money I got, and I also listen to Israeli news live as I really appreciate his Bible studies and interpretations to current world. The fact he can read and accurately translate the original Hebrew is what really captivates me, plus I can feel he is truly sincere in his beliefs, which is important to me. I'm pretty sure the week prior I watched some videos the same day I went to the coin shop.

I also took the kids to the causeway and then bowling on Thanksgiving day, so I feel that's where part 2 came from
As far as the fighting at my car, it was probably related to a road rage incident I initiated Saturday the 27, forcing a fella that nearly hit my car on the way to taking my 8yo son to paintball. I threw a Pepsi can at his car and demanded he pull over. He was not afraid to throw down, but he did help talk some sense into me and apologized repeatedly for almost causing an accident. He insisted though based on the spectators building up with phones that we were both just going to end up in jail and this road rage stuff just gets out of hand. I thanked him for that and remembered I just wanted to have a quality afternoon with my boy. Respectfully shook hands and walked away, apologizing to my own son for behaving so childish.

See one of the problems I have when I am not medicated IS loss of rational thought and out of control anger/rage. I just keep praying for the clarity to see me through it though. My friends insist I should just roll 'em up again, but I know in my heart I am supposed to be working past this dependency, and not rationlizing reasons to maintain it.

The proof to me was later on at Orbital paidball when a fight almost broke out on the field because a guy was offended that someone kept shooting him despite the fact he had already been hit multiple times and stayed in the game and kept on shooting. Funny thing was that the guy he tried to fight was not even the one who shot him as the one who did told me so. Regardless, I brought that negative energy with me, I know I did and it spread out and found a vulnerable mind when it got there.

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: Nyiah
That imagery to me seems a prediction of our future here. Florida could very well easily look like that in five hundred years. I am sure you are familiar with Caldesi island west of Dunedin?? It was disconnected sometime in the late 1800's or early 1900's from the mainland by a hurricane. Has only been accessible since then by boat. I take my kids there often during the summer from the honeymoon Island ferry. Well guess what?? It was reconnected by another hurricane just this past decade to the very northern point of Clearwater beach. You can now walk to Caledesi island from Clearwater beach at your leisure. So your image could easily be our topography in the next few hundred years.

Funny story when you mention Homosassa, if that is the town along 19 on the way to Cedar key. I stopped at an antique shop there once because ... Well I always want an excuse to stop at an antique shop 😁. Anyways I browsed and loved the place, and finally settled on these Rogers silver co. Presidential spoons collection. He had them for a couple bucks each, so I bought the entire set he had available (minus the doubles) for a deal and kept them at home as I planned to make a kind of custom shadow box to go with my presidential dollar coin proof sets.

Well it just so happens I am also a big fan of the walking dead Tv series. One day I think in season three or four, after the gang got split up from the final prison seige, there was an episode where Darryl (Norman Reedus) found an old country club golf place with Maggie's younger sister. They were exploring the dining area for something to get drink to take the edge off. The young lady picked up a spoon from the table, and I could not believe she was holding one of the very spoons from that collection on screen. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Amazingly enough, it is not the first time something I own has been on TV! Around 2011 or 2013 I forget exactly, I purchased an ornate 1970's French 8 day winding mantle clock from eBay, all bronze/brass ( I never know which is which). A few years later, my kids were watching a Disney show at the time called Jessie?? Which kind of reminds me of a classic family show I watch on antenna lately called family affair. Anyway, my same exact clock has been in that condo on an episode of Jessie. I know it has to be the very some one, because the listing says it was from an estate sale in new york state, was shipped from there, and that show was set in a Manhattan condo/apartment/home .

Funny coincidences of the universe huh?? If I am being honest though, I enjoy the old show family affair much better. There is a sincere gentle kindness and innocence to the old shows that is lacking in modern family shows, especially from Disney. Modern Disney is nothing but pure snark, egotism, bad manners and often overly dramatic writing. Their last good cartoons ended in the early oughts.

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