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Fighting With A Burned Face Parasitic Entity I Think Is Supposed To Be The Devil

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posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 07:30 PM
This is from March 20, 2020


I am in a dream/vision realm that is real enough to feel electrical biorythyms being disturbed around my body

Strange things are happening and people are starting to take notice

A Police Officer walks past with no head, until he gets into the light

I am forcing entities to look me in the eyes so I can see who (or what) is in them

I take a group of people (entities) to this realm that are supposed to be able to help

Instead, they are overtaken by energies unknown and become useless

'I should have known better', I think to myself. 'It was a mistake to think that because I am OK here, that they would be too'

I fly from where I am looking at them from above and I concentrate on one of their convulsing bodies on the ground

I place my hand to their neck and rip the parasitic entity from them and lift it into the air so I can get a good look at it

It is a young man, possible only in his early twenties. Still skinny, like he hasn't filled out

I see his face vividly

He is badly burned. His skin is a very red, black, blistered mess. It is intended to be horrifying by how graphic and real it is, but it doesn't scare me

In fact, I actually feel a little sorry for him. I sense that this person actually burned to death at some stage. Either like I sensed their pain, or they wanted me to

I grip them by the throat and force them to look straight at me, but they won't look me in the eyes

I sense a empty type of blockage and refusal to leave their vapid negative darkness

I say something to them, without speaking, and they reply too, without speaking

Though nothing is said, I sense of their horror somehow

For a moment, I wonder if this is supposed to be the one that Christians refer to as the devil

Though my understanding is that the devil, as a specific individual entity, doesn't exist; I still wonder for a second if this could be the real version, for those who do, would, or could believe in a/the individual "real" devil

Whoever they are, I'm not afraid of them. Even though I know I'm supposed to be

Even though they seem darker and filled with more pain than any being or entity I've ever encountered; they don't frighten me

I feel more curiosity about them, mixed with sadness and a little bit of annoyance

Almost like I've caught a child committing a crime, I've got them by the throat and I'm trying to work out what to do with them

I don't think they are a threat. Though they certainly seem very dangerous

That aren't aggressive. They are just filled with emptiness and sorrow that I have no doubt would terrify most people

Whatever this entity is, I have no doubt it would/could destroy most other entities it comes upon/attaches to

If it wanted to

But it didn't seem to "want" anything. There was no purpose, or desire I could feel in it. It didn't seem to possess any sort of feeling except massive pain

I force their face straight and tell them to look me in the eyes when I'm speaking to them

Even though their eyes at burned and seem like they are popped open and oozing some type of puss, they do what I tell them and look me directly in the eyes

They are deeper than anything I've ever encountered

When I look people, entities, etc, in the eyes like this, it feels as though I "breathe them in" so to speak. Like I draw them in, while I look as deep into they soul as is possible

This entity was deep

I could feel it consuming me as I tried looking into it. But I took it all in

I saw it's face deconstruct and empty in front of my eyes, as if I was looking at the constructive frame of a computer rendered drawing

It was like I saw through them

I also saw them in a momentary flash, unburned, with the perfect flawless skin of youth. Like a momentary flash of their innocence, hidden and buried behind all the horror

I took something away from them, though I'm not sure what it was. It wasn't to hurt them

I didn't want to hurt them and they couldn't hurt me if they wanted to

My interaction with them ended and then I'm moving through fragmented realms in a pieced together stream

Moments from my childhood rendered in parallels that have nothing to do with what happened (or are opposite)

Then I'm seeing fragments representing this world

I was half asleep, waking up in this world, but still wrestling with other entities. Looking them forcefully in the eyes, to see who or what they are

I see fragments representing my music. Somewhat reversed

Watching music at a Casino. Going backstage looking for the exit

Fragments of losing my phone. Finding it where I never put it, like it was there to be found, by intentionally putting it where I never do, to make it appear lost

Fragments of my loss, or perpetual state of shortness in this world

Flashes of things belittling and mocking me, like they own me, control me, and have the right to judge me

They make fun of my lack of ability to do anything about them, or to "bring my friends into their realm"

I am conscious of the fact these are real entities and they are referring to whatever dream state or realm I am fragmenting through at that stage

Some "part" of me that identifies as one of the friends they are talking about rages and pushes through. Furious at them for thinking they have the right to do this to me

They disappear momentarily. Then through their parasitic nature (that they seem to be powerless to control), they try to make me believe that me raging was exactly what they wanted. Like they were controlling my ability to not be controlled

This is fake though. A sickness within a system that is placed upon those they try to take sickness away from, who aren't actually sick

It has no way to assert false dominance, so it recycles upon itself destructively

Happy to destroy the thing it's supposed to be helping, because it doesn't know how else make itself useful, when it serves no purpose and cannot cease to serve a purpose

Like making people sick intentionally, so you can cure them, because you need to cure someone to justify your existence

A self-redundant loop. Poisonous to those it shouldn't be placed upon

Some type of religious key, I would guess. One that has the potential to "destroy God". And the entire perceivable world

Flashes of the world I live in, in representation of some type of holding cell or prison. Designed to never give me anything more than what is necessary to keep me here

I never have money, so the world assumes this is how I like life, and thinks that is how I should be kept

Everything designed to trap me in a false reality of something else's design, not my own

I am not happy with that I'm seeing

I'm actually a little angry that they attempt to cater, with the one intention of keeping me placated and contained

Like trying to give someone in a prison exactly enough, no more, no less, so they will not realise they are in prison

I feel a electrical entity against my back

It has its mouth attached to my left shoulder, like it is attached to me, feeding off me

I try to force it off me. Rip it off. But I struggle. It is very wel l connected and synced

Something asks me "how old are you?"

I reply "I am end time"

I continue fighting to rip the entity off my back

It feels somewhat sad

I give context to it, in what it's doing, by first energetically surging heat into it, to burn it, while I feel nothing
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posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 07:31 PM
I make what it is drinking from me poisoned with heat, to burn it from the inside out and force it to disconnect from me

It doesn't work

Then I appear energetically behind it, feeding off its right shoulder. Mirroring it feeding off my left

This is meant to get the message across that whatever it is doing, will not work, and it needs to remove itself from me

But it doesn't get the hint. It doesn't let go

I don't think it can let go, whatever it is

I think only dying will get rid of it

I wake up physically and I can still feel the parasitic electrical energy pulsing against my back, as if it is still hovering there

I hear something speaking with a female entity or presence in the background tell her "You made a very big mistake", in such gentle and matter of fact manner, that they seem to be suggesting they own up to their mistake

As if they took a bite of a poison apple, or "bit off more than they can chew"

I'm still annoyed as I write this

posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 09:22 PM
You seem like an adapt dream walker aligned with your greater abilities. The veils continue to thin as this world transitions and bifurcates. Navigating the dramas of that evolution are not generally made conscious for most but you appear to be surfing them well.

posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 10:04 PM
a reply to: Compendium

Bardo states / womb realms dreaming while on the cushion.

Yay you brought back a burned victim you think is the devil...

Delusion comes from such a perpetuates one's own ignorance not solve it.

Next time resolve to sit there and simply do one thing as focus...

An abbot a forrest monastery ...he's a funny fellow complimenting my "mind" knowing it's empty only because he hears no mental chatter coming from me when I am there alone with him... how can I tell him the thai he heard other than another monk from there that were both listening to a god-damned bird that they projected thai onto that really doesn't speak it at all was them fooling each other chasing the thai language around?

I walked over 70 miles to ask him a question and he was shhh I cant hear... I could have hit him there and then...listening to a stupid bird like it could actually say anything.

But I didn't hit him, I donated a robe a few months later along with some flip flop since my feet were swollen like water balloons... meaning do not want one not interested in ordination. Last thing I need be ordained then some English speaker ordains then them expecting me to chase that fool around like they do with that bird.

But yeah man just sit dont do anything else accomplish sitting even if that's what you're think you're doing... leave those nimitta there where they are or like a hungry ghost/preta they will start living with you.

The nimitta is a good sign it means youve reached the level needed for truth but you're grasping at those things as if they are not you... that self will grasp back thinking momma when not recognized as self you already gave it a very very powerful name... the Gautama Buddha called that preta he accidentally attached too mara.

Some people love, live and make a study out of filling their realm with hungry ghosts... it is the furthest thing from freedom; or nirvana but it takes wisdom to know that.

Doing that sort of thing only leads to more births in states of woe with those sorts of beings... those two monks thinking a bird was a thai woman or goddess talking to them means both of them are egg born from a yakksha or a snake and do not even know it.

posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 10:24 PM
a reply to: Compendium

I had a similar experience on 70 wet grams of an unspecified fungus the other month....

Shame I couldn't put what it all showed me into words.. but I dug it..

posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 10:55 PM
Someone told me the actual Devil lives on the water somewhere deep in the ocean.

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