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Realisation: Cancel culture presaged the pandemic, which couldn't have occurred without it.

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posted on Aug, 12 2021 @ 06:38 PM

I had a realisation tonight - cancel culture had to be inculcated & stoked artificially, in order for the pandemic controls to be accepted by the masses. We had to be cultivated in the art of accepting appeals to emotion, and driving social change through the fear of the old (rational) way, and the enlightenment of the new (irrational) way.

The whole #MeToo thing had to occur to stoke the gender wars 'debate' (mandate) - everyone had to accept the new & supposedly enlightened truths of giving small children lifelong sex changes, and of allowing genetic males to use the bathrooms & showers of genetic females. And let's not forget the athletes' grossly unfair situation.

The only way that the elite could be certain that the pandemic fear & disinformation could be spun again & again despite a wealth of observable data proving that there was never an actual deadly pandemic (the death statistics available from health authorities in the UK proved this, likely the same elsewhere), was if they were assured that censorship of rational voices could be accomplished by appeals to emotion & shoddy data (which when repeated often enough, becomes truth - we have Hermann Goerring to thank for that nugget of wisdom). Destruction of their livelihoods & reputations could easily follow, simply by calling them 'quacks' & labelling them with disparaging terms such as 'anti-vaxxer' & 'conspiracy theorist'. The only way they would know that a critical mass of people would be amenable to such tactics is if the algorithms of 'Big Tech' were actively monitoring the trends for such self & other-censoring behaviours as they arose 'spontaneously' (with a little bot-led encouragement) in the general population on social media over the course of time.

We know that these trends to 'cancel' people for holding alternative viewpoints have been increasing at a rate of knots over the past five to seven years, and only when they could feel assured of the outcome, would they be bold enough to launch 'operation COVID-19(84).

All the snazzy plans for a 'Great Reset' & the like could then be shoehorned into the Grand Plan of world domination by a cabal of ultra-elitist multi-billionaires & (currently unacknowledged) trillionaires, the happy plans of Agenda 2021/2030 could be made to fit the new bill of denied rights, with all natural human rights to life, to a free existence in the pursuit of happiness - were trashed at the wayside.

However, more & more people are speaking up, more & more professionals are coming out of the COVID closet & revealing what they know, testifying before all of Mankind to the truth of the deceptions that have been perpetrated against us. We're seeing a rising tide of good people, who had been cowed into silence previously by the threat of censorship, by the very real threat of 'cancellation' in which their careers & good reputations would be dashed against the rocks of iniquity.

The following article MUST be read in full, because it reveals in detail how we the masses may take back control from the deceptive & destructive cabal (he refers to it as 'the regime', giving it the proper global context - because it is a global regime that is implementing the rules, the censorship, the decimation of the lives & livelihoods of those brave people who stand up to be counted in the voices of dissent, all around the world, with the same measures & tactics being used in every nation - a true New World Order..)

Particularly important is the idea of the 'counter-chorus', which need only reach a critical mass of 10% of the population, who are brave enough to speak out in public - not just presenting data, but standing with the persecuted, with those who have lost everything, to bring us to the point that many, many others will then spontaneously rise up and speak out what they know too, reaching a rolling boil at which the regime loses all credibility, so it is plainly seen at last - that the COVID-19 emperor has no clothes!

Those in charge have long since signalled that they have no intention of returning to a liberal democracy founded on the recognition of inalienable individual rights and freedoms. If data were the ingredient required to confront them, they would have folded long ago. They are impervious to data. This isn't about a virus. This is a psychological game and it's all about power and control.

In this Brave New World, the regime will grant temporary conditional privileges tied to virus seasonality, good behaviour, or whatever other conditions they choose to set to achieve the social engineering agenda of the day. Once they opened Pandora's Box to a society based on conditional rights, there is no limit to where their imaginations will take them.

How do we stop this neo-feudal re-imagining of society? How do we play chicken with a regime that appears to hold all the cards? At this point it is clear that regaining our freedom depends entirely on the government losing the support of the crowd. To use the words of Hans Christian Andersen's timeless folktale from 1837, we need to shake our frightened fellow citizens out of their stupor by getting them to see that "the emperor has no clothes" but, more importantly, we need everyone who sees it to be willing to say it out loud.

So, in this essay, I am going to dissect the psychology of dissent...

Julius Reuchel - The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Seriously - read the full article, then stand up, speak out. They are moving to label all protestors as 'anti-vaxxers' in the UK, which is telling - they didn't comment on the protests before, but now that they're growing at an exponential rate, they are getting nervous, and need to resort to this change in strategic response. It is time to shoot for the Moon, to score that winning 10% of the population, to populate the counter-chorus so that everyone else gains the courage to speak out publicly - whether in the office, at the bus stop, in the supermarket, or down at the pub. Unless we do that (social media activity doesn't quite cut it, because the algorithms are pretty good at cutting out most attempts to share data) then we may never again see essential liberty being the right & preserve of all Western peoples.

The time is now for dissent.



posted on Aug, 12 2021 @ 07:15 PM
Agreed, social engineering on a grand scale made possible with modern media.

I've come to believe (more than suspect) that Trump was part of the destabilization plan and a primer to make people accept censorship.

If we are amidst a decades (centuries?) long plan towards one party rule for the world, it all becomes a bit clearer.

Unfortunately, it looks like most of us are not wanted in the new world order... as we are polluting consumers of the elite's resources.

In my opinion, of course... supported by numerous facts, but still, like every bit of "fact" humans are privy to, an opinion.

posted on Aug, 13 2021 @ 10:33 AM
I fully agree with your assessment of the situation. It is clear now, with the benefit of hindsight, that Trump, and the Q phenomenon, were a key part of the 'divide & conquer' strategy that has been unfolding for just such a time as this.

In so doing they have taken advantage of the good nature of a great number of conservative people & used very insidious tactics to prepare the American people as a whole (& by extension, the free world) for a range of polarising tactics operating in accord with a strategic vision to bring about one party rule - the unelected technocrats, the autocrats above them.

The time is coming when it's going to have to get Biblical. In my humble opinion!

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posted on Aug, 13 2021 @ 10:47 AM
a reply to: Baddogma

New member here. I’ve long enjoyed the many thought-provoking posts and observations you’ve made. However…
Call me naive, but I’m still not convinced Trump was a red herring or part of ‘the plan’. I think he was a genuine challenge to the status quo that millions of Americans longed for— ‘speaking Truth to Power’, to steal a line from the Leftist radicals of the 60’s. How else explain the visceral hatred of Progressives (in and out of power) and the vindictiveness with which they STILL pursue him and those that still believe in him.

IOW, if he were just playin a role assigned to him by TPTB, the Left would quickly lose interest and allow him to fade into semi-obscurity, same as all the others (I.e. Obama admin officials who got into trouble, Bush admin officials like Cheney, et al).

posted on Aug, 13 2021 @ 10:52 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Hi FITO! Amazing find! Read the whole article. Must say it’s the most cogent, provocative article I’ve read on what’s TRULY going on, and how urgent it is that we stand up NOW, before it’s too late. Passing it on—for starters!

posted on Aug, 13 2021 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: Thoughtcrime

Excellent! Glad you liked the article - I also found it to be the most cogent, thought-provoking article I've read in recent times, and the call to action elicited a visceral reaction, the palpable NEED to get out there & start talking, start protesting, start engaging with others - anyone, anywhere, at any time. The time for timidity is long since past, we must be as bold as lions in standing up & speaking the truth, indeed, truth to power. Because the real power is with the people, if only we can get enough of them on-side.

I'm also hesitantly willing to consider that perhaps, possibly, Trump was not in an assigned role. However, I'm more than a little uncertain regarding that point. I can imagine a scenario in which he was ordered to gather the conservative peoples of America & unite them under a banner which polarised the nation, when combined with the agressive moves by hidden leftist influencers. The rise of Antifa, and the various 'setups' which seemed ready made for destructive consequences (such as pallets of bricks being stashed around different parts of city centres before scheduled protests) - SOMEONE was coordinating all of that, and I still consider that there's a hidden hand playing both sides off against each other, preparing them for the polarising & censorship brought about via the pandemic & the vaccine debacle.

Again, none of this could have occurred without a culture which had a taught affinity for 'cancelling' alternative & right-wing/ conservative voices. And this is why I believe there is PROBABLY a hidden autocratic hand which doesn't care a jot about left or right, but instead only their own interests. Is depopulation going to occur? I'm not sure, but the truth is, the environment we have presently around the world would be ripe for a depopulation attempt. It could happen, and the chaos would be blamed by each side on the other side, keeping us fighting until the last of us drops.

This is why I think it's imperative that we unmask the perpetrators of the COVID scam, before it's too late to unify in opposition to those insidious controllers. The REGIME must be challenged.

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