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Chinese Fraud Studios & Leftist Academia

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posted on Jul, 23 2021 @ 04:53 PM
Hey kids wanna know why the worlds completely [SNIPPED] ?

Pure greed... and monstrous corruption by the bucket load

With a MASSIVE healthy dose of political biased and institutional capture

That is right, science and academia is just as filthy rotten to the core as politics

As are the News/Media

As is big tech

As... well, hey... lets just come clean, the world is [SNIPPED]

I don't know where you'd begin to fix this? but lets work through what we know...


"Chinese fraud studios…maybe hundreds of thousands…The fake papers are remarkable: They are so good they are undetectable in isolation…They are peer reviewed and published in western journals…"

This is the source of the world's lockdown "science."

In 2018, the U.S. National Science Foundation announced that: “For the first time, China has overtaken the United States in terms of the total number of science publications.” Should the USA worry about this? Perhaps not. After some bloggers exposed an industrial research-faking operation that had generated at least 600 papers about experiments that never happened, a Chinese doctor reached out to beg for mercy:

So, of-course CCP had to get their hands dirty, LIE CHEAT STEAL is their MOTO its encouraged in China

But they're only doing what the filthy corrupt western elites have been doing for what seems like a while now...

Oh sure lets go after the weed dealers and low level guys, lets spend BILLIONS looking the other way while our very institutions we rely on to uphold our laws values science democracy just about everything else are completely devoured and corupted, and nobody thought hey... we need to act, a new unit in the police or intelligence whatever, to like counter it?


Science has a huge problem: 100s (1000s?) of science papers with obvious photoshops that have been reported, but that are all swept under the proverbial rug, with no action or only an author-friendly correction… There are dozens of examples where journals rather accept a clean (better photoshopped?) figure redo than asking the authors for a thorough explanation.

As the only people trying to spot these fake papers are bloggers, we can safely assume that far larger numbers of papers are fake than the “thousands” they have already found and reported. For example,

0.04% of papers are retracted. At least 1.9% of papers have duplicate images “suggestive of deliberate manipulation”. About 2.5% of scientists admit to fraud, and they estimate that 10% of other scientists have committed fraud.


When universities stonewall investigations of research misconduct

The sad truth is the size of the fraud problem is entirely unknown because the institutions of science have absolutely no mechanisms to detect bad behaviour whatsoever. Academia is dominated by (and largely originated) the same ideology calling for the total defunding of the police, so no surprise that they just assume everyone has absolute integrity all the time: research claims are constantly accepted at face value even when obviously nonsensical or fake. Deceptive research sails through peer review, gets published, cited and then incorporated into decision making. There are no rules and it’d be pointless to make any because there’s nobody to enforce them: universities are notorious for solidly defending fraudulent professors.


let me say it again...

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posted on Jul, 23 2021 @ 06:41 PM
It's almost like the more scientific and the more academic something is, the more lies and corruption is connected and chaos seems to work better too 🚬🐡


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