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The world is crazy

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posted on May, 19 2021 @ 10:16 AM
OK, I’m into Earth cycles studying it for 8+ years on and off. Not using news articles, political motivations for the money or just plain follow the leader to belong info. And I do not claim to have the answers but my conclusions are based on at least some study and not crazy predictions or fabricated BS.

Good, the coming cold period that already started:

This one beats me. It was/is known, but like certain subjects which is taboo it get overridden by the powers with all means to achieve their end goal. Every 178/208 years the sun cools down due to the planet positions and their gravity causing the center point movement (Barrycenter). And every 2nd time around it is more severe (and we are there). I got no problem with people disagreeing with cycles but do not feed me what you read in an article. Its busy happening, just watch and do not tell me it’s the melting Ice due to Global Warming causing the cold spell. You are welcome to ignore this and not stocking up a food supply, my own family do not believe so I’m not here to convince anyone.

Yes and Covid:

Most of my answers were posted by ATS members and the problem seems to be the spike protein causing different affects in people that can even be permanent. And now the world wants me to take an experimental vaccine that can do the same. Common sense tells me to use my Ivermectin wisely and I will be better off. Fauci (the lying fall guy) and key can suck my “D__k”
And although this chip implanting conspiracy runs wild I do not think it’s for sure yet. I do not see the tracing signals in place for the distances needed, maybe 5G or at 7G who knows.
Some interesting old info “The William Pawelec – Interview”

Fraud and the openness of it:

Stolen elections and cover-ups - Wow, at least Cyril Ramaphosa and crew can steal money like nobody else but they are not “the living dead”. Boy oh boy this is going to be fun to watch, still plenty to unfold. Let’s see how much truth they can suppress by influencing the media and courts (or maybe delete)
In my country it’s all the blaming and then don’t forget apartheid 27 years ago. It is still used about 20 times a day on TV as a blame shifting distraction. But do not forget the other clowns and dictators all over the world.
Big tech shutting down the truth. Now this one runs deep. It’s more than shameful to see brilliant people getting “silenced” because of the truth they speak. But then politicians have no feelings/morals except money. You can get kill for a cell phone these days.
The blaming to cause distractions. Russia, China etc. Help me out here – how many people were screwed by their own governments with stolen patents and breakthrough technologies. Just wondering? The Graham Bull story was always of interest to me.
Then you get the Middle East – look if a neighbor throws stones at me, I will maybe stand back for awhile if I had an affair with his wife. But then I will react to protect my life. But it’s true; there are always more than one side of a story. Unfortunately not in this world called Earth. Even your skin color can be a sin but not your mindset.
I have a brother like that, everything going wrong is someone else fault, not his. Yes the world owes him
The lies – What a joke; really???


I said it before: Onderstepoort was the leading researchers on Covid inoculation of animal since 1970’s in the world. Why they were never asked? In South Africa they came on TV asking the government if they could help. And what about Ivermectin? “I have nothing to say about Ivermectin on TV”. End of story but I got my answer.

So in early February 2020 I got sick and nearly died – Covid was not in South Africa yet for a week or three. I went to friends and stayed there for 5 days in bed with my Vitamin C and immune boosters. After 3 weeks I was beginning to feel a little normal again but developed a coming/going pain in my left shoulder. Over time this pain got worse and more frequent but then in 2021 with my first hint of a flue I started using Ivermectin and the pain started subsiding. I still didn’t make the connection and only after the second time I used it I was able to identify it as a relief from the pain.
I’m now on a proper medication plan and am beginning to feel like a Tarzan again (not that I was or could be). I do not say I had Covid but whatever it was, it’s working.

Screw the nay Sayers

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 10:30 AM
It is not a rant, when it is the truth .

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 10:59 AM
Great post. Wise words from you both.

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 12:12 PM
Congratulations! You get a star! Got everything right. Who is behind all the lies we have been told daily, is an even bigger story. And we thought Adolf Hitler was bad.

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 03:10 PM
You know what. I think it's more likely that covid and injections could be the means TPTB keep people subjugated. Why kill off the obedient?

Get the sheep scared, get them inoculated with some BS vaccine, and then release the next disease that kills off the unvaccinated.

Then, with the people that are left, they can be killed off with further "booster" shots, with the deaths from vaccines being attributed to other underlying health concerns.

And it wouldn't surprise me if people, or their children became infertile, and for anyone to have children they will have to get approval first, and then have to use fertility drugs or use an artificial womb and gene editing.

posted on Sep, 28 2021 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: AutomateThis1

I think it's more likely that covid and injections could be the means TPTB keep people subjugated.

This is like looking at the tip of your nose and thinking you're admiring the scenery.

Look up, look further, see the BIG PICTURE.

This whole 'covid', 'vaccine', etc. stuff is just a TINY PORTION of what they not only ARE doing and planning, but HAVE been doing and planning for centuries. They haven't always been as direct and obvious about it, a _LOT_ has been happening and bubbling 'below the surface', where most masses don't BOTHER to look (everyone can, if they're so inclined, but they won't).

I have been following their evil agenda for decades, so none of this surprises me. The only thing that really surprises me, is the stupidity of the people, and how easily they're duped into doing any stupid thing. It's like someone tells them to jump on one leg and bark like a dog.. and almost ALL of them do! No questions asked, and then they talk about media as something that doesn't lie, and spew the 'TRUST THE SCIENCE', like they're just damn parrots instead of actual thinking people.

Of course TPTB are using these things - never let a good crisis go to waste, problem-reaction-solution, and all that jazz.

But it goes much deeper than that. It's just _ONE_STEP_ in their overall plan, and you think THIS is their overall plan?

It's like only seeing a door handle and thinking that's the whole car. Come on, man (to borrow a common saying by a 'trustworthy leader')!

I guess they're seeing (or somehow measuring) just how stupid people have become, how gullible, weak, malleable frogs in a kettle, how their legs are now so soft the frogs can't jump out anymore, no matter how they turn up the heat.

We're dying in here, and all you can say is 'I wonder if they're using this kettle to control us'.. yeah, but that's not the half of it. They're also planning to boil us alive and RIP OFF our legs so they can EAT OUR BODIES! (figuratively speaking, using the kettle+frog-metaphor here, I hope you can understand)

I can no longer take for granted that people understand my metaphors.. no matter how clear and direct I am, there are always confused people not understanding at all what I am even talking about.

Look, this is only one step in their BIG AGENDA, they're not going to stop with controlling us with these things, but instead, that's just one door they're opening to get to the NEXT phase. The end goal is not what we're seeing, it's still far away in the future.

The end goal is 100% enslavement and control of births, deaths, but more importantly, lives and thoughts of every single individual on the planet. Of course, at that point, they cease to BE individuals, because independent thought is not only forbidden, it's literally not allowed. By literally, I mean you won't be allowed or even able to form a thought they don't want you to form. You can't form independent thoughts with a powerful mind-controlling chip in your body.

It's at that point they can make _anyone_ in the world do _anything_ they want them to do (of course being within the capabilities of said entity).

I wonder how they're going to proceed once they reach this goal.. after you have everything in the world, own most of the planet, and then control everyone 100%, including their thoughts, values, behaviour, etc., what then?

I guess.. other planets? I can only hope someone will put a stop to all this at some point.

That people have ALLOWED these bstrds to grow their evil agenda throughout all recent history is just APPALLING. This would never have happened in Atlantis, where priests were actually trained (with energies, true spirituality, abilities and so on).

Now that there are no longer any 'cultivated entities guarding the rest', TPTB are free to do whatever they want, and most people are just too blind and self-obsessed (and interested in portable rectangles) to know, understand or care what's going on until the water becomes boiling hot.

Then they'll try to jump out, but their leg muscles won't obey, and they will perish.

Of course there are all kinds of predictions as to what's supposed to happen during the ending times, so it's going to be interesting in seeing how it all unfolds..

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