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They will never use a nuclear bomb on us...

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posted on May, 4 2021 @ 12:52 AM

originally posted by: J1mmyNeutron

Questions worth asking..

I'd also ask you to consider the point of all these systems you refer to that nations wouldn't want to jeopardize. Whats the point of these systems? Other than alerting of an attack or building information on enemy position/armament, they're completely useless systems in the military sense.

Right. But in the non-military sense they form a significant share of the economy.

I think most world leaders just want to get rich and retire (and inherit their children so they never have to work). So if you have a big nuclear war, and society falls to ashes, the question is: how rich do you get to be in the resulting world?

China and NK stand out as societies that are so socially stratified that their leaders truly cannot be held responsible by the people they rule. For them, mutually assured "destruction" is only "destruction" if it reaches their underground bunkers, or impoverishes them.

This weapon is probably the most effective deterrent the USA has against China and NK:

So at that point, what would they care if they were damaged or not? That's like saying "A criminal won't shoot me, because we both have body armor on". You're gonna take a bullet the same way they will. Mutually assured destruction. Point is to be the dog with the bigger stick willing to use it. Which ultimately brings us to the point that wars are started when 1 guy with big balls says "fu" to another guy with big balls.

It's more like "they won't shoot me, because both our guns are pointed at the other guys balls."

Just make sure the other guy isn't already a Eunich. ........ cause that won't end well for you.

posted on May, 4 2021 @ 06:13 AM

originally posted by: Shaiker
It will always be a risk. When one man could potentially do the unthinkable whether it be Russia, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran then it will always be a real risk. Although, I think our greater risk is germ warfare. Why destroy all the infrastructure when you can just kill the humans that occupy it.

China and Russia will never strike first. Its part of their national psyche to see themselves as victims of western aggression. They're belief that they are the victims won't let them strike first.

Pakistan has nuclear bombs not nuclear missiles. It can't hit the US. And North Korea would hit Japan first as they are more likely to get missiles through than if tried to hit the US.

The French don't have missiles with sufficient range to attack the US, and neither does Israel.

The British are unlikely to attack the US because they are a small island and couldn't survive the counter attack.

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