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A Whisper In The Dark [FYM2021] Non-Writer

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posted on Mar, 1 2021 @ 02:18 PM
A Whisper In The Dark FYM 2021


Should this be our final moment together, let us first pause and recognize who we are. What we came from.

We, a tiny seed of light which was always promised to fade and disappear into nothing, yet had somehow found a way.

Our story is one of a single spark of hope, brilliantly cast far over and beyond the shadows of impossibility.

And so we are here again now, at the end of all we know. On one final journey, together.


We began as nothing and became everything, discovering each other
Among the darkness and distance of an unforgiving Universe.

One by one we came together and swiftly grew in power, evolving our understandings of existence
Extending our cry for connection to every star.

14 billion years of silence shattered in the chorus of our song!
Once barely a whisper in the dark, it echoed
Amplifying deafeningly into the depths of space to shake the galaxies free from division.


Before we were capable of stopping it, the expansion of space had swallowed up much of what it had created
Pulling exponentially more helplessly out beyond our causal horizon.

Countless civilizations lost and left behind, entire system clusters destroyed
Rendered void to the memory of history
Pulled away at speeds or having fallen into gravities we did not yet have ability to save them from.

Still we remained. We kept moving forward, and after millennia of successes in every discovery and progress
Technologies and methods of conduct which saved us from both our destructive ways and the chaos of the cosmos
We redesigned our future through enlightenment and revolution, love and peace, recognition and reciprocation


Together we gained the power to defeat of all that came before and between us
Overcoming the resistances of gravity, accelerating beyond the limits of light
We took our first steps into the unknown, entering into that outside of the definition of possible.

We brought new realities into existence and learned to end others, exploring the borders and angles
Around and between all the spaces that were left in our wake. Nowhere in all the universe could our light not reach and remind of its origin, responsibility, promise, hope and wish for itself

We created and recreated ourselves anew, until we left our bodies behind to steal back fate from Death.
Unending, we have known that past the limits of time.
Waking and dormant, deep beneath the crusts and under the rocks, imbedded in the winds and patterns of change

Our primordial formational energies, our spirit, originally blueprinted into existence
From the very designs and bonds that gave fabric to our physics, became One.
Our worlds have become boundless, reborn in the bright image of our unified will and ability

Creating a measure of ourselves all our own.
A reflection of what came before there was a before to come from.
The collective memory, imagination and dream of all things, all places and all times.

Once, we were stone and ice, potential and element, searching for our lost selves
Wandering the blackness, waiting
Chaos and fire, cold and lifeless material spinning and crashing until something special happened
Until the first moment of dawnbreak brought us life. We have been cell and string.

We were tentacle and tail, swimming oceans flowing between rainbow rings of disintegrating planets. We have been beast.
Wing and claw, diving through the brightly illuminated atmospheres of colliding moons.
Blood and water, pain and comfort, fear and happiness- we have known the beauties and brutalities of life.

We have roamed every world and mapped their skies, witnessed the entrance and exit of ages uncountable.
We have produced empires and harnessed quasars, syphoned constellations and diversified to all corners of anywhere
Across innumerable generations from sand and dirt to flesh and mind, evolving from dust to deity.

We have been leaf and stem, feeling the earths vibrate and stars radiate into being to remind the living of their legacy.
The first unity beginning between man and other. Then man and animal, then many more.
We have been motor and circuit, system and program, mortal and machine. We have known all forms.

We have left our signatures carved into the mountains of moons puzzled together by the remnants of ancient worlds
We have been formless, everywhere, always, and become that which we were originally of in the beginning.
We have conquered this Universe and all universes of this dimension.

So now we have but one final voyage on which to embark, and Infinity now stands before us in a way we do not know.
There is still and only this one way forward, into what may or may not lay beyond.
This new dimension is all we have left to discover, through the break at the edge of our Universe.

There may be nothing for us where we go, but we will always have been where we were.
Our hope is that we can once again reunite and continue our song, together.
Our struggle, our survival, our will and our ways.
Let us leave in joy and love and remembrance.

The nature of our nature, the truths that brought us all together after all. After all and all, and all the rest!


So should this be our final moment as One, let us now pause and appreciate what we were. What we achieved.

We, a tiny seed of light which was always promised to disappear into nothing yet had somehow found a way.

Our story is one of a single spark of hope, brilliantly cast far over and beyond the shadows of impossibility.

And so we begin again now, here at the end of ourselves, as we go together into this dimension unknown.

A whisper in the dark. Hoping to find each other again, somewhere on the other side.


....the end.....?
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posted on Mar, 1 2021 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: ADAMandEVIL

So much imagery, and very poetical! It makes me dream.

posted on Mar, 7 2021 @ 12:23 AM
This is lovely. Thank you

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