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Frostpunk - A Perfect Pairing to the Winter Storm

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posted on Feb, 17 2021 @ 07:43 PM
In light of this rather gnarly winter storm, I thought I might make a game recommendation.

If you have the good fortune of electricity, and you're feeling like a challenging struggle with killer immersion when played in winter, look no further than Frostpunk.

This is a game with some lasting effect. Excellent mechanics and designed with a rich pallet of frozen dystopia.

It is your mission to build a stable society in extreme cold conditions. You lead a small group of survivors in a frostbitten landscape. You must gather and consume resources to stay alive and most important... keep the generator running...

You must survive the cold.

Your decisions will affect the game. You might feel that there is no place for religion in this harsh climate, and we must science a priority to survive and work towards the common goal.

Or... you might feel that religion is the only way to keep the people sane and hopeful that salvation may be soon.

These decisions are sidecar to building an efficient colony.

Heat sources are vital but localized and rare. How will you prioritize the needs of the people? What buildings go where?

Where should people be putting their focus?

It's a meteorologically relevant RTS with survival mechanics and resource management wrapped into an atmospheric game that's slightly rigged against you from the get go. This slight rigging keeps the gameplay from becoming stagnant. There is always work to be done. Highly recommend.

PS4 Console Edition
Xbox Console Edition

Stay warm

posted on Feb, 18 2021 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: MarkOfTheV

Haven’t had a chance to play it yet although I’ve seen my lad playing and looks good. Sure it’s the same studio that created This War of Mine which was a fantastic little strategy game.

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