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The Bidens

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posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 04:27 PM
NOTE: This OP will be multiple parts. Please wait until all parts are posted to reply.

Greetings ATS readers, writers, lurkers, trolls, shills, bots, partisans, and sundry.

In this thread we will be taking a look at Joe Biden et al.

In 1969, Joe was elected to city council and served there until 1972 during which year he was first elected to senate in November; in December, his wife, and young children were in an automobile accident:

Dec. 18, 1972 — Wife and three children are in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping. Wife Neilia and daughter Naomi die. Sons Beau and Hunter are critically injured but fully recover.

Timeline of Biden's life and career
By The Associated Press
Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have to say that for some reason this event perks up my conspiratorial ears due to its close proximity to him having been elected to the senate for the first time.

[tinhat]The car accident wasn't an accident, but rather a way to control a newly seated senator with an eye to the long game?[/tinhat]

A few years later, Joe met Jill, got married, and had another child:

Biden credits his second wife, teacher Jill Tracy Jacobs, with the renewal of his interest in politics and life;[41] they met in 1975 on a blind date arranged by Biden's brother (who had known Jacobs in college)[42] and were married at the United Nations chapel in New York on June 17, 1977.[43][44] They are Roman Catholics and attend Mass at St. Joseph's on the Brandywine in Greenville, Delaware.[45] Their daughter Ashley Blazer (born 1981)[15] is a social worker.[46]

Beau Biden became an Army Judge Advocate in Iraq and later Delaware Attorney General;[47] he died of brain cancer in 2015.[48][49] Hunter Biden is a Washington attorney and lobbyist.[50]


We will look in detail at Joe's record in the Senate and as VP later in the thread.

In another thread, IAMTAT asked me if I had ever looked into the Beau Biden Foundation and up until the preparation for this thread, I had not.

That being the case, and this thread being devoted to all things Biden, I scratched around a little and this is what I discovered:

Our Board

The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children Board Members:
Hallie Biden
Hunter Biden
Ashley Biden
Tony Allen
Dr. Howard Borin
Emily Chen Carrera
The Honorable Louis Freeh
Xanthi Karloutsos
General Frank Vavala
Fred Sears

Executive Director
Patricia Lewis, Esq.
Contact: [email protected]

Chief Operating Officer
Joshua Alcorn
Contact: [email protected]


Hallie Biden is Beau's widow, elsewhere it has been posted about Hunter having dated Hallie for a time after Beau's death and I will not recount any of that here at present; it may possibly be brought up later in the thread, but for now it is nothing more than a footnote.

Likewise, Hunter and Ashley Biden have been posted about elsewhere on the site and each will receive closer looks later in the thread, but for now I wish to focus on the other members of the board of the Beau Biden foundation:

DOVER, DELAWARE: Delaware State University named Bank of America’s Tony Allen as provost and chief academic officer last week.
Allen has also served as cofounder of Public Allies Delaware, a group that helps young adults interested in careers in public service. He was also a speechwriter and special assistant to then-Sen. Joe Biden. The former vice president wished Allen luck in the new role on Twitter last week.

"Congrats & good luck to my former staffer Dr. Tony Allen, incoming Provost of @DelStateUniv! A great fit for a passionate public servant.
— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) June 15, 2017"

PR Week

Dr. Howard Z. Borin, Appointee for Member, Commission on Presidential Scholars
Dr. Howard Z. Borin is a Board Certified Pediatrician. He most recently worked as Physician in Charge at the Nemours Hospital for Children satellite office in Delaware from 2007 to 2012. From 1997 to 2007, Dr. Borin was the Physician in Charge for the first outreach program for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Prior to that, Dr. Borin ran his own pediatric practice from 1971 to 1997. From 1970 to 1971, Dr. Borin was a Registrar at the Hospital for Sick Children of Great Ormond Street in London, England.

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts - Obama White House archives

Chen Carrera began her career as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers and was previously a Vice President in Institutional Sales at Goldman, Sachs & Co. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and served on the Advisory Board for the McDonough School of Business and also the University’s Board of Regents.
+(see note on this Board member below)

Big Brothers Big Sisters Elects Emily Chen Carrera to National Board BBBS org

NEW YORK – Former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden was among the guests at the Patriarch Athenagoras Award of Human Rights bestowed upon Fr. Alexander and Presbytera Xanthi Karloutsos for their valuable services to the Church and Greek-American Community.

The event held at the New York Hilton on October 27 was organized by the Order of Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Joseph Biden Among the Guests Honoring Fr. Alex Karloutsos and Presbytera Xanthi (Video) - The National Herald

General Francis D. Vavala is a retired Army National Guard officer who served as the Adjutant General of the State of Delaware. He received the promotion in February 1999 after the retirement of Major General George Hastings.[1] In January 2017, Vavala was promoted to lieutenant general in the Delaware Militia. In April 2017, Vavala was promoted to general, in the Delaware Militia, in honor of 50 years of service. He is the first Delaware National Guardsman to achieve four-star rank and one of the very few American service members to have risen from Private to 4 Star General.[2]


Also related to General Vavala:

A return to civilian life is three weeks away for some soldiers in the Delaware Army National Guard after almost a year in Iraq. In the case of JAG Capt. Beau Biden, the homecoming also will catapult him back into an intensifying political life.


"It's much, much better than the departure ceremony," said Major General Frank Vavala, the adjutant general of the Delaware National Guard.

National Guard With Beau Biden is Due Home

(continued in next post)

posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 04:37 PM

posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

(continued from above)

Fred C. Sears II is the past President and CEO of the Delaware Community Foundation. Through his work with the Foundation, he encourages individuals, businesses and organizations to engage in long-term charitable giving to improve the statewide community, now and in the future. Fred has served as a community leader in the greater Wilmington area and with organizations serving residents throughout Delaware for over forty-five years.

Fred Sears II - Leadership Delaware

Louis Joseph Freeh (born January 6, 1950) is an American attorney and former judge who served as the fifth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from September 1993 to June 2001. Freeh began his career as a special agent in the FBI, and was later an Assistant United States Attorney and United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. A Republican, he was later appointed as FBI director by President Bill Clinton.[1][2] He is now a lawyer and consultant in the private sector.


Interestingly enoug, Freeh was in charge of the FBI during the Khobar Towers incident, and due to then president Clinton's reluctance, were unable to do anything with the information they acquireed:

Louis Freeh was born 1950 and began his career as an FBI agent. He later became an assistant United States attorney, famous as lead prosecutor in the “Pizza Connection” organized crime investigation. He was appointed a U.S. district judge for the Southern District of New York by President George H.W. Bush. Judge Freeh was sworn in as FBI director – the nation’s fifth ever – on Sept. 1, 1993.
In Freeh’s account, Clinton and his administration wanted to appease Iran and so intentionally withheld the investigative support that the FBI desperately needed. Again and again, Freeh reports, Clinton and Gore failed to make the strong request of cooperation that the FBI required.

James Comey Vs. Louis Freeh: How to Fight a President - Inside Hook

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top political aide to Vice President Joe Biden's late son joined the super PAC working to recruit the elder Biden to run for president on Sunday, lending the group newfound credibility in the midst of fresh signs the vice president's aides are taking a close look at a 2016 campaign.

Josh Alcorn, a longtime Democratic operative, had been former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden's top political and fundraising adviser before he died of brain cancer in May. A known commodity in the Biden world, Alcorn raised money for Joe Biden's 2008 presidential campaign, and also served in the top fundraising role for Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid's vast political operation.

Close aide to VP's late son joins Joe Biden 2016 super PAC - USA Today

Patricia Dailey Lewis, Esq. is the Executive Photo: Patricia Dailey LewisDirector of the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children. Prior to this position, Mrs. Lewis served as Deputy Attorney General and Director of the Family Division of the Delaware Department of Justice (DDOJ). Mrs. Lewis has worked in the field of family and child advocacy and protection since 1985, when she joined the Delaware Department of Justice. Prior to being the Division Director, she was the statewide leader for the Families at Risk unit of the Delaware Department of Justice.

Former U.S. Surgeon General and Executive Director of the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children Join Darkness To Light Board - Darkness to Light


+Note on Chen Carrera

In the 990's found here for the Beau Biden Foundation, Chen Carrera's last name is misspelled for both years listed the same way; it is spelled, "Carerra," as opposed to, "Carrera."

[tinhat]This little detail may be minuscule, but this kind of thing has been seen before and looks a lot like IC activity anytime it rears its head.[/tinhat]

And that, ATS, is my OP.
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posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 05:14 PM
Re: Beau Biden Foundation

Joshua Alcorn COO Beau Biden Foundation:

Joshua Alcorn is the Chief Operating Officer at the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children.

Previously, he was a senior advisor to the Draft Biden SuperPAC, and a senior advisor to Beau Biden, 44th the Attorney General of the State of Delaware.

Prior to joining the political operation of General Biden, Josh spent five years working for Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid – rising to be Leader Reid’s Finance Director and a trusted political aide.

Before joining Leader Reid, Josh served on the Presidential campaign of then-Senator Joseph Biden.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer at the Beau Biden Foundation, Josh oversees all aspects of the Foundation’s fundraising, partnerships and program expansion.

Josh helped establish the Foundation in June 2015 as an operating non-profit to continue Beau Biden’s commitment to protecting children and confronting abuse.

posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 05:23 PM
Executive Director, Patricia Lewis, Esq. The Beau Biden Foundation:

Patricia Lewis, the Executive Director of the Beau Biden Foundation, had been a Deputy Attorney General until she retired the same year that Beau Biden did.
Good article.

posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Another longtime Biden operative, Joshua Alcorn, has been paid by Mr. Biden’s PAC while serving as an executive at the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children.

NY Times

And More on Carrera:

A former National Big Sister of the Year, Carrera sits on the National Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as treasurer. She is president of the American Friends of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Carrera is also a director of the Beau Biden Foundation. She serves on the Women in Science Committee at Rockefeller University, the Creative Council at The Shed, and the Advisory Board of The Imagine Society.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Carrera is co-founder and executive producer of Stand Up For Georgetown, an evening of stand-up comedy to benefit the Georgetown Scholars Program. She served on the Board of Regents and the Advisory Board of the McDonough School of Business.

Georgetown University

American Friends of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is a public foundation based in New York, NY that was founded in 2011. As of 2019 they had $487,621 in revenue and $646,399 in assets.

Cause IQ

posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 06:21 PM
Unrolled Thread on The Beau Biden Foundation partnership with The Darkness To Light Foundation (D2L):


posted on Nov, 2 2020 @ 08:23 PM
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