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Supernatural...The End.

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posted on Oct, 12 2020 @ 12:16 PM
I don't really care that inevitably people will come here and complain, cry, whine or make comments about this TV show. Not everyone is going to like or get enjoyment from the same things and that is okay. What I care about is a TV show, cast and fandom that has brought joy, hope and community to so many people and that is a good thing given the current state of the world.

Roughly 2 weeks ago after the COVID delay the show Supernatural filmed the last of its 15 season run. For anything to succeed in TV for 15 seasons is an accomplishment. Both of the two primary leads (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) have everything from albums to TV shows to Production companies to a beer brewery already queued up or ongoing . The third lead (Misha Collins) is making a tangible difference in the world via GISH or other social action scenarios he is involved with. Outside of that you have the rest of the cast, crew and support who tour in bands, interact with fans, become friends and in general help people out. Similar to other long standing shows many well known actors have played roles on the show with probably the most well known being Jeffery Dean Morgan or genre stalwarts Mark Sheppard and Felicia Day. Sure over 15 years you are going to have some bad episodes, some amazing episodes and everything in between. In the end the effort the show has put out there hasn't wavered any. For those willing to give it a chance and not just see the leads as eye candy or shipping material the acting is surprisingly solid throughout with Jensen Ackles truly delivering some heart wrenching scenes. Beyond that you have a 67 Chevy Impala that essentially has become a full time cast member, classic rock as the backdrop, humor and self referential-meta storylines including a funny episode that actually points out the various shipping scenarios that surround the different characters or a parallel world where the leads are characters of the show Supernatural . Over the course of the 15 seasons they have faced off against every supernatural element there is from Vampires to Ghosts to Witches to Angels , Lucifer to finally the last enemy of the show, God.

Someone once asked me if I was to pick one episode to watch for someone who has never seen the show before what would it be and while it's hard to pick one with story lines and relationships over time playing such a huge part in the quality of the show I go back to the same episode which is the season 5 finale Swan Song. This was supposed to be the original end for the series as the creator of the show, Eric Kripke, had a 5 season story line planned initially. This specific episode has everything that has ever worked on this show including sacrifice, family, a car, rock, risk , reward, humor, suffering. It's also typically the number 1 episode when the whole catalog of the show is ranked or reviewed. If you want to try this world out then and only have time for 1 episode, give this one a shot.

At its core this is a show that is about the sacrifice that family goes through for each other . Sometimes that sacrifice you go through is worth the suffering , sometimes you lose and sometimes you never get an answer but you step up and do what you think is best for those you love and in some cases for those you don't even know. So to that end , for any of the fans of the show on ATS , just remember even though this is the end remember that it's time to carry on and no doubt endings are hard but then again nothing ever really ends....

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posted on Oct, 12 2020 @ 01:16 PM
I love the show...sometimes hokey, sometimes awesome. I will miss new seasons, but glad for what it gave me.

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