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COVID-19 Millions in Germany Protest Against Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the WHO

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posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 06:42 AM
Covid-19 is real. However, it is being politicized as something that it isn't to control people of the world. That's the point of Children's Health Defense Europe, Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr Heiko Schoening, M.D. and 100's of other doctors who are being silenced and muzzled across the globe. Don't believe it? Do your own research.

Will Germany rise once again and lead the good people of this planet to fight against tyranny as they do watch the ongoing's within the corrupted United States of America. So Robert Kennedy Jr. attended and speaks to millions, You say hes crazy? Think again as several of his descendants were assassinated. He trying to do the right thing. So are the 500+ doctors in Germany who are also speaking out against the WHO and COVID-19. Try to find some information on it as the Keepers of The New World Order Gate are censoring the press coverage.

Key Words to do you own digging:

children's health
children's health defense
Children's Health Defense Europe
Robert Kennedy Jr.
Health Freedom
Dr Heiko Schoening, M.D.
Attorney Markus Haintz
Attorney Rolf Karpenstein

Corona Whistle Blower

We want to acknowledge the following 46 doctors and experts who during the 2019-2020 pandemic publicly have expressed, that they find the Corona COVID-19 mortality rate to be very low, around 0.01%, and much lower than the WHO’s (World Health Organization) claimed mortality rate of 3.4%:

Here's a sample snippet:

As you have already heard, there was a massive protest in Berlin August 1, 2020. I have been waiting to report on it until I had a complete picture about it and what happened afterwards. Health freedom was a big part of the protest — more and more people are waking up to the fact that they do not want to be guinea pigs for Gates’ experimental vaccine. But it was also mainly about our freedom and human rights, against draconian measures put on us by the government, against lockdown, social distancing and masks.

People – normal people—concerned citizens, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, doctors, lawyers, business owners – streamed to Berlin by the hundreds of thousands—the official numbers from the police were 800,000 to 1.3 million, with 2-3 million people in the general vicinity.

Rally in Berlin

Plus, John F. Kennedy Jr. spoke in front was is estimated at over ONE MILLION people

1 million people are gathered together in Berlin to stand against tyranny today!!! Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin launching Children’s Health Defense Europe with organizers Dr Heiko Schoening, M.D. and Attorneys Markus Haintz & Rolf Karpenstein. He spoke near Brandenburg Gate where his uncle President John F Kennedy gave his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in 1963. RFK Jr spoke today to the largest crowd in German history. One million people from every nation in Europe protesting Bill Gates’s bio security agenda, the rise of the authoritarian surveillance state and the Pharma sponsored coup d’etat against liberal democracy. Berlin, Berlin wir fahren nach Berlin!

Over One Million People Gathered Together In Berlin
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posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

I've said it before in relation to hong kong protests and I'll say it again in relation to covid issues protests - nothing will change until all of humanity that believes in freedom of choice and democracy GATHER AND STAND DOWN until change is effected.

Sure people will loose jobs/ houses/ health/ lifes but thats all gonna happen regardless in the end.

All people need to gather together in one spot in each country that supports freedom of choice and movement and simply refuse to budge NO MATTER WHAT until our demands are met.

Sure the first 100 or so organisers will dissappear or be arrested for incitement or whatever other bogus claims are rared against them but this is humanities last chance to ward of the undesirable eneviatble why can't people see this?????

So i praise the german million or so at least they have the balls to start the revolution - why aren't we following suit?????

Is it because were cowards and sheep?????? I surely hope not.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:15 AM
I live on the border of Germany and have family in Germany. I have relatives in the oh snap, I could die if I get covid and I have relatives that are thinking that a big birthday party could be fun. It is what it is, nobody denies that we have a problem, it is just that the whole thing is getting old and with that you get complacency. We will have to see what happens once all the handouts stop and only then will we know what really up.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: CthruU

Our biggest hope is for former military to do the right thing when the time comes. Most that I know wont take this sheet. In my opinion many Democrats [centered] and not left are generally too smug to even acknowledge what is happening so they are probably a lost cause. Goes same for many others in Republican or Independent parties.

I also see it in those whom have had an easy life. They simply have no need to pay attention, nor care. I have not had an easy life from a jobs perspective yet I always crawled from my hole and got back up. That also applies to millions of the middle class and minorities. We are not privileged. So who are privileged? Many who work for the USA along with State and Local governments. Most are protected under unions.
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posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: paytaplay

[1] Pass on the party or hold it outdoors and wear a mask.

I am also compromised from a mitochondrial perspective. However COVID-19, it is indeed what it is and I feel that the entire situation is to take the lessor of two evils. So since the day man was on earth were going to shut down the entire world and disrupt the food chain and starve millions and bankrupt millions

That choice sound to me like an agenda by those who run the world. Its a great cover to depopulate earth.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:27 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

you talking about the germany i‘m living? fascinating!

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:36 AM
Is this rally today? Both links show dates over a month ago.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:37 AM

originally posted by: oloufo
a reply to: Waterglass

you talking about the germany i‘m living? fascinating!
Sure, but uh we’re expecting a bit more “meat” then, hey! I live there and...nothing.

It’s bad form to leave us hanging with word tripe.

The best approach was not only announce your position, but also give an indication of your perspective on whether or not the events illustrated by the OP have any merit.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 07:47 AM
a reply to: Arnie123

I also know when COVID-19 will end. It will end in late 2021. Bill Gates said so in 2018 and Fauci is now parroting the same timeline.

DENY Ignorance?

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 08:31 AM
Dude.. Not a million. Not even close. AH is a very lonely person. And despite your first guess, his first name is not Adolf.

Just another covid-denier.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 08:44 AM
a reply to: CthruU

There are 400 million people in this country. 1400 or so mayors, 50 governors, 1770 judges, and 535 members of congress. Thats only 3755 people running this show. You get enough people protesting against the right people and its over.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 10:58 AM
For the vast majority of people, this virus is not anything to worry about, you get it, have some mild symptoms then get immunity. Official real research says that even having had the common cold can help prevent you from getting a serious case of this virus. They have not figured which or how many strains of the common cold protect people yet, but it would take time because there are like two hundred types, and some types do work that is in science sites, you won't see much about this on NBC and other fear mongering news sites.

If you are old, and your immune system fails, sure this will kill you, same with those taking strong immune system suppressants and some types of medicines that weaken our initial response to all viruses. The ones without an immune system left, a vaccine won't do crap, a vaccine stimulates the immune will that help if it is pretty much gone.

People have access to medical journals these days but they need to read the articles or search for them. Governments and big pharma are running research taylored to scare us into taking their medicines or in the case of the controling agencies of medicine, to put faith in them.

Yes, this virus is very transmittable, and it can hurt lots of people. I do not trust deceivers who want us dependent on them. It would have been better if more young got this virus in the summer when there were less seasonal virus haunting us than shuffling immunity off to winter when there is more risk for getting it with the flu or pneumonia. Not everyone is blind, do you notice that numbers with the virus are climbing, but deaths are not in the summer. This virus just drains the immune system and other microbes get a chance to make us sick. I can see that they were cautious in the beginning, but now we know more about this virus and we should be cautious but also we should not have our fear destroy our economies. I am not an antivaxer, but I feel that this vaccine is not going to make much of a difference since it will only be sixty percent effective. They want to delay the release till next spring to make it look more effective, after many die this winter. The thing is it may instill confidence in people and since it is not that effective, it could make it worse in the winter. A lot of people will have acquired immunity by spring which will also make it appear the vaccine is more effective than it is.

Bill Gates made a lot of money tricking us into believing that technology was going to make everything better, now he is trying to deceive us to believe that our Immune systems are bad without vaccines for every disease there is. I wonder if there are tiny horns under his hair.

Technology has increased the cost of our health care more than anything else lately in this country, yet our quality of healthcare is declining because of excessive testing delaying the proper treatment. Doctors experience and longer appointments where people used to talk to the doctor so the doctor could find extra symptoms based on their discussions actually was better. Sometimes people inadvertently mention a relevant symptom in chatting with the doctor which triggers him to diagnose better. The patient does not realize some other problem they are having is related but with more time, the doctors used to ask, " Have you been having any other issues now" Now, if you mention anything other than what you are in there for, they say you have to make another appointment around here.

I hope it isn't as bad in other countries as it is getting in the USA now. I feel sorry for the young these days, we need to fix our system.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 12:05 PM
So, I might be bias in this situation, but I've been used as a Guinea pig for pharmaceutical. It's a hell that no living thing should go through, there were no protocols or safety checks, just given dosage and see if I don't die.

I'm still paying for it over a decade later, with no help or assistance.

So forgive me if I'm hesitant about people who are concerned only about making a profit for their shareholders, who are in the business of profits and cures second.

We still play with the common cold, we have different flu vaccines every year, hell, sometimes we don't even have the right vaccine for the year.

And I'm expected to line up to test a vaccine that previous years have been told its impossible?

"But its new" Yeah, no, don't buy it, unless someone is willing to admit that they were playing with crap they weren't suppose to or bringing unidentified viruses and bacteria back from below Antarctica, I refuse to be tested on for the sake of rich and powerful people. Judging by global reactions, I'm not alone in my line of reasoning.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 12:10 PM
I just wanted to add something that might be off topic, but how did we come up with COVID-19?

A friend pointed something out.

COVID-19 C.O.V. Certificate of Vaccination. ID Identification. First and ninth letter of the alphabet. AI

Certificate of Vaccination Identification - AI

Edit: Not 100% on this, just gave some food for thought and figured I would try sharing. Coronavirus to Covid-19? Hopefully someone can explain how it got its classification.
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posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: Tucket

One was over a month ago and the 2nd last week and went unreported so I posted. Your now informed

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 02:29 PM
It seems funny the UK media is just emphasising on positive cases not deaths. They seem to be pushing the high positives, which is only to be expected as they are testing more people. By the way there were 66 deaths in the UK today out of 67,978,432 people.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: paytaplay

Slow but certain, herd immunity will be the end result. It is a virus with a very low mortality rate.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 06:00 PM

originally posted by: Waterglass
a reply to: Arnie123

I also know when COVID-19 will end. It will end in late 2021. Bill Gates said so in 2018 and Fauci is now parroting the same timeline.

DENY Ignorance?

and to add more salt into this wound...

Wonder if history will repeat itself and yet another Kennedy, another Jr will become a statistic against the evils of todays government?

posted on Oct, 3 2020 @ 05:01 AM
a reply to: oloufo

You constantly talk about the US he lives in, so your post does not make much sense.

posted on Oct, 3 2020 @ 05:06 AM
a reply to: Arnie123
German here, I reported about this on ATS in the past.

First, this event went down over a month ago and the 1 million number is not confirmed. Politics and Police is saying 25k. That's a huge discrepancy in numbers and I tend to believe the official narrative here.

The Germanleft US-controlled media here did their best to make them all conspiracy theorists and lump them all together with NAZI, paranoids and also intentional COVID-19 spreaders that hate masks and hate people in general.

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