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Professor Jordan Peterson Speaks about Identity and Archetypes

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posted on Sep, 30 2020 @ 01:05 PM
Some in depth discussion on a number of topics.

Surprisingly prophetical in a lot of ways...

I'd like to see if there are any good counter arguments to any of Jordan's points.


0:00:00 - Castro, Trudeau talk.
0:01:40 - Gender Pronoun discussion.
0:09:40 - How did we get to this point where we're repeating these patterns (deadly) like Marxism from the past??
0:14:15 - Why these people tend lean to this thinking (equality of outcome obsession).
0:19:00 - Hypocrisy and Inconsistency of the Left.
0:20:00 - Wage Gap BTFO
0:26:45 - One bit answers to everything (from the Left).
0:30:00 - Joe is dumbfounded by arguments from the Left about gender.
0:34:15 - People who have issues w/ Pronouns are fraction of fraction of Trans-people. (Incoherent claims).
0:35:00 - Story of Wellesley student that became man (for identity) then was denounced by own community. CHAOS.
0:36:40 - Getting caught in the infinite rainbow. Once everyone is marginalized, nobody is left.
0:38:40 - Can't have society unless everyone at least sacrifices a little bit of your individuality.
0:42:50 - SJWs enforcing their thinking aggressively (explained).
0:47:55 - Racial biases in people. Mandatory, unconscious racism training and re-education programs.
0:53:50 - How did we get here (asks Joe)?? (Jordan explains).
0:57:00 - Ideologies (seemingly innocuous) can take you down dangerous roads. (Those I disagree with are enemies).
0:59:00 - How millions perished in Soviet Russia. Posters saying: "Don't forget, it's wrong to eat your children"
1:01:40 - Why do these patterns repeat themselves (asks Joe)? "We like things simple". (who's a friend or enemy).
1:02:25 - Yale cupcake student Halloween talk.
1:06:45 - Maps of Meaning how to make people less afraid.
1:09:30 - When did all this start (asks Joe)??
1:10:50 - What exactly is going on with women's studies which is fostering radical revolution (asks Joe)??
1:14:10 - SJWs mentality (resentment for the burden of being).
1:17:30 - The University=ideological factories. Admins conspire to steal future earnings of students. Indentured Servitude
1:20:30 - Ask a professor if they're a Marxist. Gulag Archipelago=required reading.
1:22:20 - Warren Farrell questions income disparity.
1:24:30 - Jordan accused of hate speech.
1:28:25 - Jordan's YouTube presence.
1:31:55 - Radical Left eating its own.
1:34:45 - Are you cynical about the future (asks Joe)??
1:37:40 - Long discussion about online learning and teaching.
1:48:50 - Jordan talks about his consulting experiences and his self-authoring suite.
2:02:00 - Jordan talks about reconciling being a scientist and deeply religious at the same time. (Christ=meta-hero).
2:09:25 - Jordan talks about comic book archetypes and universe.
2:16:10 - Joe asks why Cross-fit or Yoga is used as substitute for Religion (seeking fellowship, discipline, etc).
2:21:00 - Tensions between dogmatic element and spiritual element.
2:26:30 - Ideology is a parasite on religious substructures (J.K. Rowling understood).
2:29:30 - Capitalism isn't the problem, it's Evil. Well, yes, but...(Hurricane Katrina). God is what transcends your knowledge.
2:32:30 - Is the problem the term 'God'?
2:34:15 - Do these stories exists because there is a need for this order? (Yes, how it is we must live. Order, to avoid hell).
2:36:00 - Apocalypse coming? No, it's always here.
2:38:55 - Is frustrating not getting support for Jordan's actions?
2:40:10 - Intelligent != healthy or moral. Story of low I.Q. lady.
2:43:25 - Trying putting yourself in Auschwitz camp guard role. If opportunity presented itself, I'm not doing it.
2:44:40 - Truth no matter what. My language. Not saying your words or being compelled to. Legal talk.
2:47:50 - Closing Questions to Jordan. (SORT YOURSELF OUT, MARSHALL YOUR ARGUMENTS).


posted on Sep, 30 2020 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: MykeNukem

No chance I find the time to dedicate to watchig this, but perhaps a listen over a few drives, but huge S&F for breaking it down by time/topic!


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