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Nothing But Thieves- Any fans?

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posted on Sep, 6 2020 @ 07:24 AM
So my sweet Dutchman introduced me to this LOVELY AMAZING band years ago when we first met. I was like why have American's never been graced with Conor's amazing voice! I am not kidding when I say I am obsessed, the last band that got me this obsessed is Matchbox Twenty and that started in 1996. Rob Thomas will always be my hubby in another universe and my first rock start crush lol it's lasted decades UNTIL I was introduced to Nothing But Thieves. WOAH! They literally knocked MB20 off my top played list on Spotify which I have had since 2013 and MB20 was always TOP spot until 2018 when I played NBT and Paloma Faith more than any other artist on my playlist.

I like musicians with lyrics I can relate to and if they are dark in nature even better. They have a new album coming out in October and I have already pre-ordered both signed and non signed vinyls for me and my Sweet Dutchman. I mean he did introduce me to them so the least I can do is get him their latest album.
I had to tell him so he would not go out and pre-order it.

Here is their latest song and it really spoke to me. Relationships are never easy esp when you are 5000 miles away but music can really help people open up and for some it's the easiest way for us to tell someone how we feel when words just don't work. My Sweet Dutchman as I call him, we had a rough patch for a while but I found a lot of comfort in music ESP NBT and it was nice because he introduced me to them. I was supposed to be with my sweetie RIGHT NOW but thanks to the EU banning Americans the airline cancelled my ticket. So here I sit making threads on ATS instead! Oh like the old days
I will make it there eventually!

I am really surprised they are not popular in the states yet. They have a great sound and it's much better than the CRAP they play here. I mean come on the most popular song right now is by Cardi B, she makes me gag. LOL Americans have terrible taste in music for the most part!

"Real Love Song"

This song is my favorite of theirs.
"Six Billion"

Anyone else know this awesome band? Please give me other suggestions of artists you find similar in sound.

I also really LOVE LOVE LOVE Paloma Faith!

posted on Sep, 6 2020 @ 08:15 AM
Hi there, I remember you from the thread you started when you first went to meet your sweet dutchman. Great to hear you are still together.
I know a few songs by nothing but thieves. Let's see, similar in sound to nothing but thieves.

The Killers
Thirty seconds to mars

Taste in music is very personal, so take it with a grain of salt

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