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And the looting starts afresh

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posted on Jul, 28 2020 @ 05:27 PM
I’m really beginning to believe there is a double agenda by some world leaders and influential people. How could the IMF loan South Africa money; not all of them can be that stupid. The corrupt ANC leadership (fat-cats) are going to have a field day with this money

OK, I know the world doesn’t really care about a small country and its people, accept for the resources it can gain, but hell – so obvious. Who is going to pay back the theft - Taxes?

The world should know by now that Ramaphosa are just the actor and Nkosana Dlamini Zuma together with the top 6 is running the show. Personally I think Cyril must win the Oscar for best male lead player in the show. To talk and lie with a poker face like that you must be extraordinary. Maybe the script writer must also get one. Must say his speeches are impressive, they fooled some IMF members.

Cyril didn’t even know his speaker’s husband was organised/given a corrupt tender and I must believe that. And then it starts again: A mission of enquiry - to be followed in future by a taskforce to investigate the mission of enquiry. We all heard that 2 years ago when Ramaphosa was elected how he was going to get rid of corruption. And where are we now? - South Africa is more corrupt than 2 years ago

In KwaZuluNatal the ANC members even kill each other to be in charge of money and the decision making whose family gets contracts. And if you talk you, you either got a death wish or will go to jail for trying to highlighting corruption – not that it matters because judges are bought and cases are postponed indefinitely against members (not the people though).

Mark my words “Jacob Zuma will die of old age before any case against him will be concluded” and that will be the end of it while he gets a Struggle hero’s funeral after the capture of the South African economy with the ANC and Guptas. Must say they used him, that’s why he’s still struggling to find half the money that was supposed to be his share. It true, he is still struggling to count.

And the clown that didn’t receive his fair share from Zuma started a new political party EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters – the kill a boer group). And they are busy doing it while the world closed their eyes

But I think we really need a miracle (not covid19, a politician dedicated one) to save the world because they are ruining it for us in their big lie. The way it’s currently going - war isn’t far of and a meteorite/comet (although anytime) will take too long I think.

posted on Jul, 29 2020 @ 02:40 AM
The IMF does have a reputation of using these loans to take over and privatize a nations resources. Africa also has a tough reputation where positions of leadership is a life long position. I imagine it does take a lot for one to build their reputation among the community, once they have it does not just go away.

Issues of corruption are not limited to Africa. Trying to develop a proper systems with checks and balances of power is a tough, gradual and hard road to follow. Working within the systems already in place to help strengthen and reinforce their integrity is the best approach for meaningful improvement.

I know there are a lot of problems we cannot fix and it does get hard to deal with. Reaching for the things we can fix does help.


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