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From music to Covid12-20 and smoking

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posted on Jun, 11 2020 @ 06:36 AM
Ok it’s week 12 of the South African lock-down because of this virus thingy. Week 20 is still in the far distant future and if the virus stops at 19 we can start living again in maybe another 7 more weeks.

Must say I think South Africa did well the first 3 weeks before the corruption agendas came back in play.
That said - when lock-down frustrated I do all the tricks to keep busy, so was surfing the net about SA music. Nothing new for the past two weeks on TV so I seldom switch it on. Why do we still pay TV licences in SA – even the parts of the BBC we see in our country are repeated, repeated, repeated, and one more repeated for luck???? (I still need to write repeated plenty more time but think I made my point. (Bliksem!!! vir sulke kak) Roughly translated – (Bliksem is more like a Wow in this sense) (????!!! for that #)

Good, with that out of the way let’s see where I was? Oh yes Music!!!

Was in-between the White Mountain and Splashy Fen festivals listening to Don Clark’s “The Ultimate Outdoor Experience - Splashy Fen” when I came across his little vid addressed to one of the bigger thieves in this country

Well if you watched that you will know I’m a smoker and this is what I think before I go hide
#@&*that $!& #*@%! that they call a minister. Yes the ANC think they will get away with it. And yes I currently buying my cigarettes from the Police at 6 times the price – you got it wrong Don

Some other SA lock-down #&@*%!

The poor Whites squatters in Krugersdorp were prevented getting food parcel donations by the police? (This is used as a fact and not to start a racial debate – please respect this)

How the known corrupt Municipals officials to distribute free food parcels are giving it only to party members or selling it

To me it’s obvious how they are using the grants to stay in power because nobody can steel so openly and still get away. Then the big question - does the ANC really love old people? See how the ANC move the grant payment dates around to coincide with price in and decreases.

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