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6 Apaches over my house but not on the radar

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posted on May, 22 2020 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: penroc3

Almost as if they were operating out of Drum?

posted on May, 23 2020 @ 01:37 AM
a reply to: Bigburgh

blackhawaks are always here and thats what i thought at first

but as they flew basically over my it was obvious they were Apaches

posted on May, 23 2020 @ 04:48 PM

originally posted by: ANNED
If the aircraft is flying under 150 miles per hour the radar cancels them out.

This is so the radar does not show cars on the highways.

If they are using a military IFF they are canceled out

And not showing a transponder they don't show under 1500 feet.

i think you nailed it!

they were definitely going slow, i obviously can only make a ruff estimate on the seed but it was for sure not going 150mph.

i live in a dated community end people have gotten normal flight lines moved as to lessen the noise.

it is all was surprising to see what fly's over our sleepy town, a few days ago i 2! Chinooks

posted on May, 23 2020 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: hawkguy

drum is already north of me so unless they were going back(unlikely) i guess it could happen

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