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Researcher 'on verge of making very significant' coronavirus findings shot to death!

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posted on May, 6 2020 @ 08:31 AM
This Morning's News, wednesday, on Yahoo news.

"" A medical researcher said to be on the “verge of making very significant” coronavirus findings was found shot to death over the weekend in Pennsylvania, officials said.

Bing Liu, 37, a researcher for the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead Saturday inside a home in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Medical Examiner said.

He had been shot in the head and neck, the agency said.

An hour after Liu's body was discovered, a second person, Hao Gu, 46, was found dead inside a car less than a mile away, the agency said.

Ross Township Police Detective Sgt. Brian Kohlhepp told the Associated Press that the men “appeared to be connected beyond their proximity to each other.” A motive for the killings remained unknown, and the relationship between the men was also unclear."

A "top" comment says, and probably says it nearly all..
"" I am not one who normally buys into or starts conspiracy theories, but this seems just too coincidental to not be connected to someone or some organization trying to stop this man from finding a vaccine or at least finding something important about this virus that would/could lead to a breakthrough and a vaccine. Maybe I've seen too many conspiracy movies or maybe not. Too many coincidences occurring in a situation normally means that they are not coincidences but demonstrate some motive behind the happenings. Someone wants the discovery of whatever he was about to find to be for themselves for fame or more likely money or they want to stop this discovery to keep the virus spreading for their personal or governmental benefit. ""


freestone says....
Yup! Two chinese sounding names. Both are dead. The lady I spoke with on the phone, just now, wonders if "anti-vaccine" people could be behind this? I might think, maybe not, as this type of research might not be known to them. Which then leaves CHINA, itself, as a possible suspicious suspect.

At the very least, this one news article, if correct, will open the door VERY wide on "conspiracies" . Will now give all such ideas a Validation.
All of the other mysterious deaths connected with the Virus will now have to be seen in maybe of this light, now too.

Just what will happen if someone proves China not only made this virus but they made it to ruin the world economy such that they would come out on top? Would such a discovery invoke from the USA "an act of war"!
The next sound that you might then hear is the distant roar of missiles being launched from their silos!

Like this news is so "fresh" that there is yet to be any more added information, I cannot add very much to this news.

Now it is up to YOU ALL to get to the bottom of this! Post away, please!

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posted on May, 6 2020 @ 08:35 AM
Not to steal your thunder, but this has been posted a couple of times.

posted on May, 6 2020 @ 08:57 AM
a reply to: DAVID64

thank you. I tried to look at the major ATS Headline posts and I did not see the previous posts. I will now go to these links to see what I can learn.


posted on May, 6 2020 @ 09:02 AM

originally posted by: DAVID64
Not to steal your thunder, but this has been posted a couple of times.


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