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Help Trueman with Mongolian Bow Problem

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posted on Apr, 2 2020 @ 06:50 AM

originally posted by: nerbot
Maybe it was Chinese sheetrock. It's absolute sheet.


Nope, it was good ole US Gypsum sheetrock, he was however using razor tips because my brother is the head moron.

posted on Apr, 2 2020 @ 02:18 PM

originally posted by: Trueman
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

Thank you. Can you tell me more how to make your arrows?

Sure,I use a fletching jig to align my feathers(sometimes bought,or often found feathers cut to shape)-it holds them in place while they are glued onto the shaft.When they are dry I wrap a thin cord around the top and bottom of the feathers for extra strengh and a touch more weight.
You can get away with just glueing the fletches on by hand,but a jig(even a home made one makes your arrows much more stable and accurate).

I have made my own shafts using a 3/8"tenon cutter-it looks like a giant pencil sharpener: ink_code=qs&qid=1585852818&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-1

Jeez mine cost half that about 12 years ago!
I get a black and attach it to my drill,then with that tenon cutter in a vice a drive the blank through and out pops a nice arrow shaft.You have to experiment with different types of wood to get a "spine weight"(kind of how much it bends)for your particular bow.
After sanding and oiling the wood I use a taper tool-again looks like a pencil sharpener! to taper the ends for the arrowhead and nock-You can carve a nock,but I got used to using these little plastic ones I like that hold the string just right.
But because it takes ages to make the shafts,I usually bought them from the shop as they are pre spine tested so they are always the correct kind-sort of cheating,but easier.At least I know I can make my own if I have to for any reason.

Arrow heads/piles can be made DIY from loads of stuff,but the main one I had sucess with was old welding points,heated up and hammered into shape,or just filed/ground into shape.They have a thread on,so you could drill the end of the shaft and glue them in,but the bought heads are easier to fit as they fit over the end of a tapered shaft.

Aside from the tenon cutter,I got all my arrow making tools and parts from this shop in the UK,but I reckon there will be many similar in the US too:

The guy that runs it is a bit of an (longbow)archery celebrity here,over the years he's been on history shows and recreated bows from shipwreaks and things like that,and he's got a funny name...Richard Head

When you get it all sussed out its great making good arrows that fly true,but it can feel bad when you loose or break them as they do take a while to make!
I sort of binge made about 40 or so years back,so I don't have to make many any more especially since I moved house(no more big garden with shooting range and targets set up sadly).

Hmm,all this talk of archery is making me want to go and have a practice-but I will get arrested by the cops for breaking the damn lockdown!Oh well,one day soon hopefully..

Oh,the guy that made my bow-Lajos Kassai from Hungary,is a fierce archer-he's very into the historical side and makes ancient bows from various badass armies like the Huns,Gengis Mongols,Magyars etc.
Anyone who has a bow he made can turn up at his center in Hungary and get a free day of training and history lessons all about archery,and he will fix any bow he made for free if anything breaks.
Check him out in this vid-he is a damn good shot,on or off a horse!

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