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The inevitability of dissonance on the Left in modern Britain

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posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 09:26 AM
Hi folks.

Quick thought for all us Brits: What is the deal with the hand-wringing over anti-semitism in the Labour party? Why did four out of five candidates for the Labour leadership stand up on national television & agonise over 'tackling anti-semitism' as their PRINCIPLE point of contention which they must resolve in their daily life once they assume the leadership? And yet - why does no-one ever actually say anything? Have you noticed that? They all confess to a sweeping anti-semitism in their party, and it colours myriad student diatribes against Israel as a natural outworking, an aside, perhaps. But why is IT there? Who is responsible for IT? These hand-wringing candidates are all white, upper middle class or middle class. They don't actually say anything of consequence (as to HOW they will defeat IT), and the simple reason for this is that none of them - not even ONE, is positioned to do a hard-done god-damn thing about it. Why? Because it's got nothing to do with them. They aren't anti-semitic, and neither are any of the white middle class Labour members of Left-sympathetic public..... So what's going on?

It's a conspiracy of silence, which every hand-wringer is contributing to, making us look like a bunch of pansy nincompoops. (I hope that spelling's correct btw)

Every single active member of the Labour party knows who is responsible, and yet they can't do anything to change it. The only way to change it is to expel those from whom the behaviour emanates, and God alone knows how loathe the white working & middle class would be wont to do such a thing. Because it would annihilate half their party membership in one fell swoop.

Because this is not a political issue. It's an ethno-cultural issue with a history of almost two thousand years, which is married by sheer convenience to the progressive, civilised people of Britain who happen to feel more inclined to be on the Left than the Right, with all its ugliness well-known, yet it remains void of such anti-semitic hatred. Why? Because the Muslims who are aligned with such chummy types in the Labour Party are in fact bedfellows of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and out on the whacky, hushed-over-in-polite-society side, the whole Boko-Haram set of diabolic sensibilities, its diatribe hushed over by the aforementioned slightly more civilised barbarians.

The Muslims in Britain are usually looking upward rather than peering down. They're hard-working, and isolate themselves from Western financial & cultural structures & habits of convenience. They are charged administrative fees rather than interest, they collaborate in loose clan alliances between groups of families, they carefully & patiently invest in each other's businesses, gradually overwhelming a chosen native area until they are dominant, then they squeeze out the last remaining rabble by whatever means necessary. It's all very cynical, underhanded, and quietly brutal. They are prepared for this, they want this, they are seeking a means to overthrow all over the world, to assmilate wealth, power & control, street by street, town by town, year by year, decade by decade. They don't care where they happen to be, they simply roll out the same plan which has worked countless times before. They think in historiographical terms, slaves to the Collective. And they are very, very patient. Not all of them like this state of affairs, but they recognise that they are powerless to prevent it, and that they would be severely punished for challenging it. In the centre of the tangled mass of depravity, the planners & shakers - they would love nothing more than to chop the hands off thieves, and brutalise the women of other cultures, assimilating their genome into the Collective, raiding the possessions held by their menfolk, cutting off their lineage in the process.

Be very, very certain. These are they who are anti-semitic. Not the civilised Englishmen who wish they could do something about it. They make shaky, uncertain alliances with the Collective, hoping against hope to convert them to proper political behaviour. But every year, the grubby vote-fixing & assimilation continues. When caught, they sacrifice a few members for the cameras, and look somber in front of the masses. Be warned, they will not stop. We cannot challenge the Collective directly, it would cause a near anarchic nodular civil war, and it'd be bad for business. But make no mistake - be wise as serpents, innocent as lanbs. As a nation? Be canny, as the Geordies would say.

Godspeed Britain.

posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Many of the people upon whose ideal's Labour was founded were in fact Jewish and the link between the British Jewish community and the labour party is a very long one.

Quite a few have stood up and pointed out that Corbyn was NOT anti Semitic at all, being in disagreement with the state of Israel is NOT anti Semitism it is actually a fair stance to take when seeing the injustice meted out daily by the land grab's and other activity's that have occurred there - BUT being ANTI state of Israel can also definitely be argued to be anti Semitic as the Jewish people DO need a state of there own and for both religious and historical reason's the return of Jewish settlers to land that they believe is there's by the will of God himself mean's that an unavoidable clash of ideology's and religious had to occur.

Personally I fully support the state of Israel's right to exist and defend itself BUT I do also believe they have meted out more than a fair bit of injustice to NON Jewish people in the region and gone over the top on occasion using Defence as an excuse to grab some land - justified in the case of the Golan height's but other places maybe not so much,. It get's a bit murky BECAUSE many of those NON Jewish people whom range from Muslim's to Christian's also have at least some Jewish Ancestry and genetic tests can and have in the past verified this.

As for the Anti Semitism in the Labour Party, did you know that traditionally the Conservative party was always the party that was accused of this, how much of this was genuine - actually quite a bit but also it was perhaps blown out of proportion and USED to turn people against Labour, Corbyn did have his flaws and standing with terrorists on more than one occasion was not militant leftism it was lunacy - but remember his constituency has a very high percentage of Muslim people and anti Semitism and those with anti Semitic belief's will therefore also be rife in that constituency which may also be why he refused to take a more definite stand against the Antisemitism that had grown like a cancer in recent years in the labour movement (in no small part as a result of pro Palestinian belief's many in the movement had with no real understanding of the real issues that plague the region), perhaps his reticence to make a strong statement against anti Semitism within labour was for fear of losing his own constituent's, but the guy was equally unfit to run the nation as is Boris Johnson, this time around we the poor voters were left with a choice between a pair of bork's, a buffoon and a idiot that stood next to terrorists when he should have avoided them like the plague, fair enough if he thought he was a peace maker but that is not how the world and more importantly his voters saw that so a lot of them chose the buffoon instead though likely they then had to go and put there head's down the loo afterwards as it must have turned there stomach's.

posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 01:13 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I've mentioned it a few times in posts here on ATS and its met with an avalanche of silence.
No-one at all has either agreed or disagreed.....just nothing.

In many Muslim communities people vote in accordance with the advice of the local Imam.
If Labour is seen to be pro-Israel or have an undue Jewish influence they simply will not vote for them.

Labour can not afford to lose all those votes.

Momentum also has such a vice like grip on Labour that it will not brook any deviation from their agenda of appeasing and appealing to any and every minority at the expense of their core vote and the PC agenda that is demolishing the very fabric of our society.

Jews played a large part in the development of The Labour Party but they, like the traditional working class voter, have been deemed expendable and dare I say it even undesirable.

As a result this country is doomed to a Tory government for the foreseeable future.

posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I think the biggest problem in Britain and all over the World is wealth inequality. The international corporations have rigged the system and have gone too far. Wages are price-fixed. Products and services are price-fixed. Modern day big data analytics is way more powerful than simple linear algebra we had 50 years ago. Today prices are finely tuned so everyone is gouged just to the very point of public rioting.

Here are some words from one of America's greatest philosophers and poets. These words ring more true today than ever before. I think they also apply to Britain as well.

"There's a reason" but it has NOTHING to do with anti-Semitism.

posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 02:22 PM
a reply to: dfnj2015

It is what happen's before ALL crash's in history, the wealthy take all the power, money and land and the poor are left destitute, the bottom fall's out of the economy as the consumers become more and more poor and society more and more divided and THEN the societal collapse passes a point of no return.

ONLY ethical redistribution and job creation and fostering through taxing the ultra wealthy with a sliding scale on taxation were the more you earn the higher percentage of that earning you then pay back into the economy from which you take that money out and likewise reducing tax on the poor can and will ever cure this problem BUT that is easy to see and recognize but impossible to implement when the people whom are running the show are the one's that decide whom get's taxed.

The usual trick of the right was and remain's the use of stealth tax to tax the poor unfairly, in the UK this takes the form of such thing's as VAT and act's like this, a rich guy pay's the same amount of VAT on the same good's as the poor man does but in real term's the rich guy is paying grossly less of his over all wealth in tax than the poor guy is.

Selling off of state assets and utility's a long standing tradition of the right in the UK also ensures that the poor end up paying more than the rich but by selling off those assets the right wing ensure that this asset stripping of the poor does not go back to the government but instead straight into there own pocket's like the sheriff of Nottingham robbing the poor to make the rich richer.

So abolishing stealth tax such as VAT, Council Tax and restoring the sliding tax scale - it can be done without driving the ultra wealthy away as they also benefit from a more stable country with better living standards and lower crime rates - is a more intelligent, common sense and ethical way to do thing's.

No one ever said that the Tory's were Ethical though - except the Tory's and Labour always cocked it up for some reason, also whenever Labour would get into power in the old day's the few that held the wealth would always move it out of the country just before they took power to sabotage the economy deliberately - every time.

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