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Whoopsy! (hee-hee)

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posted on Jan, 24 2020 @ 12:56 AM
Had a really hard day yesterday, was hard at it from about 3am until well after 6pm. By 7pm I was falling asleep on the couch while watching TV with my bride. She suggested I should just go to bed, which I did. Within minutes I was out like a light.

We generally get up really early (around 3:30am), but sometimes one of us will sleep in if we're extra tired. When this happens each of us just let the other sleep, but we always make sure to ensure the other person is awake by the time we leave for work around 5:30am. How this works is a gentle verbal reminder like..."Hey hon, are you awake?? I'm leaving for work now."

This morning was no different, and I was the one sleeping in. The wife came in and asked if I was awake and said she was leaving for work. My immediate reply was a half asleep and very loud...."WAIT!...WHAT TIME IS IT???. There was no reply, so I said it again, this time really loud..."WAIT!!...WHAT TIME IS IT???"...still groggy and half asleep.

The only problem wife hadn't said anything, she was laying right next to me, sound asleep. Oh, and it wasn't morning either, but rather just after 11pm. I had dreamed her telling me she was leaving, but in my comatose state I had bellowed out in real life! Next thing I knew I felt a sharp elbow to the ribcage from next to me and a half asleep response of..."gawd, i don't know what the heck time it is!! For cripes sakes, go back to sleep!!"

Whoopsy! Hee-hee. Sorry.

Both dogs had shot up several feet vertically when I hollered out, and they had gone from 0 to 700mph instantly. The were both darting back and forth like "what's goin' on?, where are we?, we're ready!, what's goin' on?, w w what's goin' on???!!!!!" Now fully awake, I was picturing what had happened in my head; everyone was sound asleep and suddenly, out of the dead of night, the big guy hollers... "WAIT...WHAT TIME IS IT???"...out of the blue and at the top of his lungs! I had to chuckle at what had happened. And as I was laying there snickering I got another jab to the ribs and got told to go back to sleep.

Well, I couldn't stop snickering, so I got up for a glass of water and figured I'd tell my silly story here.

So what time was it? It was 20 minutes past 11 pm.

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