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Calling Out Christians: Tolerance for Theo-Terrorists?

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posted on Mar, 8 2005 @ 09:16 AM
Bill Moyer's has me thinking.

We don't tolerate eco-terrorism? Why tolerate theo-terrorism?

One reason may be you can't win for trying with martyrs. Tolerate them, exalt them, persecute them... it's all just as good, each serving as interchangably supportive evidence of their dogma.

Once little more than an eyesore in public spaces, we could console ourselves to assurances of mental instabilty if not a bit of harmless enthusiam for the destruction of mankind.

But as the specific belief in end times prophecy grows exponentially now both in number and influence, just how harmless is it?

It's readily evident when fundamentalist factions from some foreign land attack our own institutions.

That's theo-terrorism.

Or when some splinter off our own metaphysical tree takes it upon himself to impose God's law on man.

That's theo-terrorism.

And of course the arguement can be made for all manner of historical to modern hate crimes of violence against other faiths, other races and other sexual orientations as theo-terrorism.

But what of the non-violent methods of the theo-terrorist? Perhaps it's begging the question to consider anyone utilizing stricty non-violent means as a terrorist at all, but when the ends are the same... it warrants thought.

Strictly speaking of the increasingly popular and influential sect of Evangelical Christians that welcome a rapturous doomsday ending the future of mankind, how can this ideology not be seen as theo-terroristic in nature as it intrinsically extends to every policy they assert, every position they uphold and every geo-political action they demand?

If not actually engaged in current violence against man, is it not violence against man's future? Our children? Our hope? Our responsibility?

And in anticipation of the plea for tolerance for those that seek to destroy mankind, no. Absolutley not. One's metaphysical beliefs are their own, protected and defended to my own death, but when a belief in the End Times prompts both domestic and foreign policy that denies my fellow man right's or the very existence of future genertations, my tolerance is spent.

I've seen much word play bandied about demanding tolerance for people that love me so much they hate me or seek to destroy me or seek to save mankind by ending it. They contort the discussion to insist those that don't accept their authority to make the end of the world manifest policy are the intolerant ones. Let me be clear here, those people are definitionally insane. They are theo-terrorists and I don't have to tolerate them.

Though they do number in the millions and are here among us now from the street corners to TV to the very halls of power, I call upon the reason of the vast majority of sane Christians to police your own ranks. Taking my cues from right wing Christians so articulate on the dangers of radical Islam being a responsibility of mainstream Islam itself to correct, I'm calling you out.

Your faith is under attack, not from scientists, educators, atheists, Hollywood, politicians or liberals of any sort. But from within. Your blind-eyed tolerance of dangerous ideology within your own faith has repercussions not only to your faith but the future of mankind. It's your responsibility to do something. Your moral obligation. And rapidly approaching your last chance.

Because I, like many, won't tolerate the theo-terrorism your faith harbors much longer.

[edit on 3/8/05 by FredT]

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